Sesame Street
It rains on Sesame Street on the day before leaving for Hawaii
(repeat of 1089)
Air date February 28, 1980
Season Season 11 (1979-1980)
Sponsors J, W, 12
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Oscar celebrates the yuchhy, rainy day. He's shocked when the others enjoy the rain as much as him. They're in such high spirits because tomorrow, they all leave for Hawaii and won't have to deal with the rain, which is news to a dismayed Oscar.
Cartoon A kid names his own body parts.
(First: Episode 0809)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie tells Bert to stand still in front of the camera so that he can "trace" Bert's face on the screen.
(First: Episode 0536)
Film Kids compare animals and human tools and technology.
(First: Episode 0491)
Dog imagination
Cartoon A little girl tries to figure out why a dog is crying.
(First: Episode 0862)
Film Various objects become OPEN.
(First: Episode 0442)
Cartoon A supermarket worker stacks 12 cans, which keep collapsing every time someone grabs one.
(First: Episode 0782)
Muppets "ABC Disco"
(First: Episode 1324)
Cartoon While fishing one day, a boy catches the letters of the alphabet. Frustrated at not having caught any fish to eat, he decides to use his catch for alphabet soup.
(First: Episode 0004)
SCENE 2 Mr. Hooper allows Olivia to use his cooking facilities to make her self-proclaimed famous sweet potato pie to bring to Buffy and Sheldon. Maria, Mr. Hooper and Bob have never tasted it before and she gives them each a slice. She's savvy enough to have made another, whole pie to bring instead.
Cartoon Consonant Sound: J, jaguar
(First: Episode 1144)
Farley David count 12
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment — David says he can count to twelve hundred, but Farley would prefer just hearing him count to twelve.
(First: Episode 0291)
Cartoon Jughead Jones's J story
(First: Episode 0231)
Song Joe Raposo asks the musical question, "Which Comes First, the Chicken or the Egg?"
(First: Episode 0276)
Cartoon Snacks on Parade: Peanut Butter
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 1301)
Muppets Anything Muppet cowpokes sing about the difference between here and there.
Animation Lollipop and feathers - what goes where?
(First: Episode 0772)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie asks Bert to go play in the park with him. When Bert says no, Ernie wonders if he isn't feeling well and starts to examine him.
(First: Episode 0124)
Cartoon What Do You Do With a Pet?
(First: Episode 0465)

SCENE 3 Mr. Snuffleupagus wanders over to Big Bird's nest and has forgotten what tomorrow's big occasion is. Big Bird gives him clues by donning his sunglasses, inner tube and a grass skirt. Snuffy finally realizes tomorrow they leave for Hawaii and runs home to pack. After he leaves, Bob and Maria stop by and find Big Bird's attire funny.
Cartoon J family jamboree
(First: Episode 0365)
SSNF Shoe2
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Kermit looks for the Old Woman who Lives in a Shoe. At first he ends up visiting The Young Man who Lives in a Glove, and the Young Woman who Lives in a Hat. When he reaches the shoe, it turns out the old woman needs a babysitter for her kids, and what better candidate than Kermit?
(First: Episode 1050)
Cartoon Fruta Manzana
Artist: Irra Verbitsky
(First: Episode 1231)
Film A man spins in circles while riding in his kayak.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0297)
Jenny Jeff Jacket
Cartoon A disobedient jacket illustrating words that begin with the letter J annoys an off-screen narrator, which reveals two kids named Jenny and Jeff inside of it.
(First: Episode 0527)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentHerry Monster and two kids share a bag of apples.
(First: Episode 1018)
Cartoon Would you mind closing our OPEN?
(EKA: Episode 0512)
SCENE 4 Count von Count has been unable to count anything today, as the naturally-occurring lightening and thunder interrupts his counting process each time. Olivia convinces him to switch from counting the rain to counting the thunder and lightning. The Count starts counting both the storm-based ones and the ones he creates, claiming he can keep this going forever.
Cartoon Kids count dinosaurs, octopuses, and paper dolls.
(First: Episode 0926)
Muppets Two Anything Muppet kids argue over a cookie. Cookie Monster arrives and says that the smallest person should get the cookie, and then, as the kids argue over which one is smaller, Cookie Monster shrinks himself.
(First: Episode 0253)
Cartoon Small, smaller and smallest men will cut a log with a saw.
(First: Episode 1243)
Film A flower opens and closes.
(First: Episode 0441)
Cartoon W is for Worm
(First: Episode 0001)
Title 01 21 007 0001
Muppets Grover volunteers to assist the Amazing Mumford in his rhyming magic trick, making three things come out of his hat that rhyme with "knee". Grover guesses the first one (key), but doesn't get the last two (ski and tree) right.
(First: Episode 0455)
Cartoon W - wallpaper
(First: Episode 0291)
Film Lizard!
Music: Joe Raposo (same as "birds")
(First: Episode 0407)
Cartoon A cat, bird and worm illustrate small, smaller and smallest.
(First: Episode 0834)
Film Kids dancing.
(First: Episode 0409)
SCENE 5 The Count has counted over 1,000 instances of thunder and lightning. Olivia, Bob and Maria are reduced to zombie-like states, repeating the same reactions the Count over and over.

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