Sesame English
Plot Tingo and Niki are asked to be in a movie
Writer Louise Gikow
Director Greg Lehane
Sponsors Q, 18
Releases Friends 3

Sesame english titlecard

Picture Segment Description
Tingo Scared
SCENE 1 Niki and Tingo are watching a scary movie, when Quentin a director they know stops by. He asks Niki if she would like to be in his next movie. Tingo begs to be in it, too. He runs right out and comes back with movie star sunglasses and an ascot.
Muppets Ernie gets emotional during a movie: first he's sad, then scared, then happy. His reactions bother the other moviegoers, and the scene ends in chaos.
(First: Episode 112: Tingo Hears a Noise)
Film A paper crumples to reveal Q, q and Qq.
Cartoon Fish swim to form Q and q.
SCENE 2 Tingo gives us a primer on some of the language used in making a movie during takes. However, he is making so many mistakes during the filming that Quentin and Niki get frustrated with him.
Animation Growing Numbers #18
Animation The number 18 in space.
SCENE 3 It is now take 18 and Tingo messes it up again. Quentin appears to be at the end of his rope.
Cartoon Q for Quiet
Artist: John Korty
Film Opera singers find themselves in a library and sing loudly at each other to be quiet.
SCENE 4 Quentin sends Niki and Tingo a copy of the completed film. At the end Tingo raves about how good Niki is, however she feels uncomfortable because Tingo isn't in the movie at all. But Tingo is so happy for her that he doesn't really care.


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