The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 19, 2015
Writer George Poles
Director Jack Jameson

Harvey P. Dull requests a wake-up call for 12 o'clock exactly. Funella shows him the finest wake-up system they have: Beaky, the rooster, who gives a loud crow. He sets his egg-clock, but Phoebe reminds him today's his day off. She suggests Funella perform the wake-up call instead and Beaky heads off to visit his mother. She also suggests she repeat to herself to crow when the bell rings.

The Tea Time Monsters monsters are summoned, almost throwing Funella off her memory. She thinks she needs something else to remind her. She enlists Furgus, who adds a ribbon around his finger. But, since he has several others (that he doesn't remember the reason for), she consults Elmo to remind Furgus to remind her. To make it absolutely fool-proof, she ropes Cookie Monster in too, who sill remind Elmo to remind Furgus, etc...He claims cookies help him remember and they do a practice round (mainly so Cookie Monster can eat).

This wakes up Mr. Dull, making the test a complete success (to his dismay). As everyone heads off, the bell rings. Funella frantically calls out to everyone to help, but no one in her reminder chain is around. Phoebe points out that Funella doesn't need anyone to remind her; she's remembered all on her own. Funella lets out a crow, waking Mr. Dull up right on time. She then passes out when he schedules another one for later.


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