The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 20, 2015
Writer Tony Reed
Director Helen Scott

The Furchester Hotel is holding a special celebration for Ms. Flora, who will be performing her annual blooming. Out in the garden, the Furchesters and guests are gathered to watch the momentous occasion. As Ms. Flora starts to bloom, Gonger signifies Monster Tea Time and the proceedings are disrupted by the Tea Time Monsters, causing Ms. Flora's flower to shrink back into her. She now says she won't be able to bloom now. Funella leads the guests into the lobby for some "blooming entertainment," while Furgus, Elmo and Phoebe are left to solve the problem.

Funella performs an interpretive blooming ballet, while Elmo suggests they give Ms. Flora water, though she's not thirsty. Cookie Monster naturally thinks eating cookies will help. Furgus keeps the guests entertained with a blooming song, which catches the ear of Ms. Flora and she starts to bloom a little. Phoebe realizes music can also help flowers grow and calls her parents to help.

Furgus sings his song, with the help of everyone, and Ms. Flora sprouts a gorgeous flower. Even Harvey P. Dull, who's allergic to flowers, thinks it's beautiful.



  • Betty Lou appears as one of the blooming attendees throughout the episode.
  • Cookie Monster's voice is heard during "The Blooming" song, but isn't present in the scene.

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