The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 22, 2015
Writer Simon Davies
Director Helen Scott

The Furchester Hotel starts up a new dog-walking service, where Furgus will walk the dogs of the guests as necessary. They convince Mr. Wagginton to leave his dog, Otto, with them while he goes to the café. He tells them Otto's very well behaved, so he won't be much trouble. As soon as he leaves, Otto starts running around, wanting to play the chase game instead of walking. Unfortunately for the monsters, he knows how to work the lift and goes upstairs. Furgus leaves Phoebe and Elmo in charge while he goes after Otto.

Furgus tries luring Otto to his leash with one of his chew toys, but he gets away in the commotion of the Tea Time Monsters, leading to another chase. This time, Elmo goes after him, but with no success to getting him to stay still.

To distract Otto, Elmo pretends he's a dog and starts playing with Otto. While he's distracted, Furgus is able to get the leash on Otto, who drags Furugs all over the hotel. Mr. Waggington returns and thanks them for taking good care of Otto. Now, even more dogs want to be walked!


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