Sesame Street
Plot Big Bird welcomes Rex Robin
Air date April 18, 1980
Season Season 11 (1979-1980)
Sponsors H, V, 5
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Oscar has been given a bunch of old signs by Mr. Hooper. He finds one that reads "Se Habla Español." A Muppet woman comes by, sees the sign and starts rapidly speaking Spanish to Oscar. He finally gets a word in edgewise to point out that he doesn't speak Spanish. The woman, who can speak English just as well, claims that since he had the sign, she assumed he spoke Spanish as well. Before Oscar can get rid of the sign, a Muppet man appears and reads it. Oscar makes it clear that he doesn't speak Spanish. The man claims he doesn't either and begins rambling to Oscar in French.
Cartoon Two boys peek into a fire house, and write HAT, HOSE, and HOOK on the window using their breath. Two dogs come by and wonder what a HAT HOSE HOOK is, but their question is answered when the fire truck leaves the station.
Artist: Paul Fierlinger
(EKA: Episode 1204)
Film Letter H hoist
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0336)
Muppets A Lavender Anything Muppet and a choir sing "Lonely."
(First: Episode 1165)
Animation New Ball in Town: Three striped balls encounter a polka-dotted ball.
(First: Episode 0777)
Cartoon Consonant Sound Limerick: H - Horse
(First: Episode 1167)
Film Parts of a clown are shown in close-up as kids guess what it is.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0428)
Muppets Beat the Time with Grover.
(First: Episode 0423)
Cartoon Building 5 (0:10)
SCENE 2 Big Bird runs into a small, timid bird named Rex Robin, whose family has just moved into the neighborhood. Big Bird offers to be her friend and assures him everyone else around is just as friendly (except Oscar, of course).
Cartoon Jazz #5
(First: Episode 0007)
Muppets Kermit tests two blindfolded monsters and asks them which number they're feeling. Herry Monster minus his blindfold describes how he knew the number was a five and in the process breaks the five into pieces. Cookie Monster attempts to feel the number and Kermit tells him that he can't since its broken. Cookie Monster devours the pieces and tells Kermit it tastes like a five.
(First: Episode 1200)
Cartoon Goldilocks' bath is first too HOT, then too COLD, then just right.
(First: Episode 1232)
Film Hands build things out of triangles and squares while off-screen voices try to figure out what the constructions will be. (re-recorded music)
(First: Episode 0004)
Cartoon What Do You Do With a Pet?
(First: Episode 0465)
Muppets The Twiddlebugs try to figure out how to get to the zoo. They notice it's too far to walk, swim, or fly. Then they notice their Twiddle-car.
(First: Episode 0603)
SCENE 3 Rex is frustrated that he can't make cut-out shapes as well as the other kids. Maria encourages him to try jump rope instead. Rex ends up tangled in the rope.
Film A man karate chops 5 boards.
(First: Episode 0469)
Muppets A disconsolate Ernie tells Oscar the Grouch that he's lost his Rubber Duckie. Oscar tries to calm Ernie down and says that he'll buy Ernie another one. Ernie says he can't - Rubber Duckie is special and unique. He tells Oscar that Rubber Duckie is "cute, adorable, sweet, cuddly, and makes a wonderful sound." Oscar tells Ernie that he'll bring him a new one.
(First: Episode 0139)
Film Bus trip around town (guitar soundtrack)
(First: Episode 0926)
Muppets Oscar comes back with a new Duckie, but this one is different - it's a Grouch duckie. They realize that they have different ideas of what is cute and ugly. Ernie thanks Oscar for trying to help - and when he sits down, he hears a familiar squeak. He digs through the stuff on the floor, and finds his Rubber Duckie! Ernie and Oscar argue over which of their toys is the cutest.
(First: Episode 0139)
Cartoon What if I had big feet?
(First: Episode 0514)
SCENE 4 Rex is disappointed that he hasn't found a single thing he's good at. As Big Bird goes to get them some birdseed, Rex chirps a tune to himself. Everyone follows the sound and becomes Rex's audience.
Cartoon H for hair
(First: Episode 0475)
Cast Bob, Linda and Luis assemble a lowercase h.
(First: Episode 1056)
Cartoon The Typewriter: H for Hand
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 0771)
Film Antelopes nod "yes."
Music by Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0411)
Celebrity Mary Lou Williams scats with the kids.
(First: Episode 0792)
Film A boy tells what happens on a fishing boat.
(First: Episode 0028)
SCENE 5 Gordon and the gang play a game where they describe residents or objects on the street for others to guess. Big Bird describes someone with two horns, one eye, a long nose and covered with orange fur, which turns out to be Dareen on her way to a costume party.
Film "Sometimes, when you want to get somewhere, you need a bridge."
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0140)
Cartoon Speech Balloon: V for Violin
A musician plays a violin, which instantly breaks.
(First: Episode 0052)
Film Kids take swimming lessons in a pool.
(First: Episode 1232)
SCENE 6 Bob notes that animals can feel emotions just the way people can, using Barkley as an example. However, when they instruct Barkley to demonstrate a specific feeling, he acts a different way. He does, however, know how to show love very well.

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