Mopatop's Shop
Written by Mellie Buse
Director Tom Poole

Mopatop opens the episode by asking if the viewer would like to dig, wear a pink wig or listen to a pig, who sings the first verse of "Ten Green Bottles".

The costumer for the day are a member of the new cool singing group the Happy Flappers, his problem are that the song he has written are missing something but he does not know what. Mopatop asks him to sing some of the song, so they would know what it's missing, after a short demonstration Mopatop concludes that the song are missing words, but the Happy Flapper don't know where to get it from, Mopatop concludes that this are a job for Ed and begins to sing a song about writing songs.

After the Happy Flapper has told Ed what he wants the song to be about Ed gets to work, and shortly after Ed has the lyrics ready and the Happy Flapper likes it and starts to sing it but are interrupted by Mopatop, who thinks theres still something missing, a tune. Mopatop asks Puppyduck to look for a tune in the music box, Moosey Mouse then starts to compete with the musicbox by playing on the ten green bottles that are hanging on the wall. The Happy Flapper likes the tune on the bottles better and starts to sing his new song.


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