The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 23, 2015
Writer Alexandra Owen
Director Helen Scott

A woman named Rosalie checks into the Furchester, having brought with her her pink jacket and luggage, which Harvey P. Dull almost trips over. As Furgus escorts her to her room, she forgets to collect her jacket, Jackie, who fails to get her attention in time. Elmo and Phoebe come across Jackie, who attempts to describe Rosalie, but not accurately enough. The monsters look for help elsewhere, while Rosalie realizes Jackie is missing up in her room.

In the dining room, the monsters bring Jackie to Funella for help. Funella is able to help Jackie recall more about her owner, allowing Elmo and Phoebe to find her room. However, on their way, Jackie fails to encounter Furgus and Rosalie, who are both on separate hunts for her. They reach her room, but there's no answer. Jackie frets, but the monsters believe they can keep pressing on.

Elmo proposes they call out to Rosalie, while Phoebe has them wait in the lobby instead. Sure enough, Jackie and Rosalie reunite! The Tea Time Monsters blow through the lobby and Rosalie loses her favorite hat in the commotion, prompting another hunt.


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