The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 24, 2015
Writer Katherine Jakeways
Director Helen Scott

Furgus purchases a product from a visiting saleswoman - Monster Glue. He uses it repair a broken side of Harvey P. Dull's reading chair. He becomes stuck to the chair, but Funella is able to free him. As they hug, they find they're now stuck together. They go to Cookie Monster for help and he becomes part of the mess as well. Elmo and Phoebe arrive to help as well, but Elmo gets stuck to the crew too. Phoebe leads them all in a calming breath, causing her to get glued to the rest.

Phoebe and Elmo recall the solvent that Furgus also had and head upstairs to get it. They have trouble reaching the spray bottle, as it's on the top shelf of the closet. Together, they jump up, grab it and free themselves from the glue. Funella makes Furgus promise to not use any more Monster Glue in the hotel. Mr. Dull goes to sit in his newly repair chair, but finds himself glued to it.


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