Sesame English
Plot Tingo at the Bat
Writer Rick Gitelson
Director Rick Fernanades, Jim Martin
Sponsors F, H near, far
Releases Toys, Games, & Sports 1

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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Tingo welcomes the viewer and says he is learning how to swing a baseball bat. He does a practice swing and hits Niki's lamp. Niki rushes over to make sure the lamp is ok and to come over and ask Tingo what he is doing. Tingo replies that he already knows how to catch and throw the ball, but he is not good at swinging a bat. He swings the bat and falls down to the floor and Niki has to take the bat away from him.
Film B for ball, bat, base and baseball
SCENE 2 Niki decides to helped Tingo learn to swing the bat. She tells him to hold his hands a certain way on the bat, have his arms up, and to keep his eyes on the ball. However, Tingo says he doesn’t see a ball and Niki told him it is a pretend ball. Then Tingo was ready to swing his bat. Tingo does this and feels he would learn more if they used a real baseball.
Cartoon Letter F words are found on the street.
Maya Angelou and Herry
Muppets / Celebrity Maya Angelou and Herry Monster played a rhyming game to the letter, H.

Insert Tingo and Niki dance the tango and sing about their favorite letters, F and H.
Animation H in space (with astronauts)
Film Letter Garden: F
SCENE 3 Outside in the backyard, Niki has her glove, hat, and a basket of baseballs for Tingo to hit. As she pitches the balls to Tingo, he hits them every time Niki pitches it to him. Then when Tingo hits the ball over Niki and the fence, they both heard a crash and realized the ball went though their neighbor's window.
Film Kids demonstrate near and far with soccer balls.
SCENE 4 As Niki and Tingo tried to figure out what to do, they heard footsteps coming over and Tingo tries to hide behind Niki. It was a baseball player with their ball and asks if it belongs to them. Tingo and Niki replied that it’s their ball and apologies to the baseball player. However, the baseball player thought Tingo was good at hitting and wants him to be on his baseball team. Tingo is very excited, but he believes he needs more practice. So the baseball player gives Tingo and Niki back their baseballs and pitch some for Tingo to hit.


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