Mopatop's Shop
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a table, a stable or Abel and Mable.

Lamont delivers a thingamajig, now the big question what's a thingamajig for. Moosey Mouse believes it to be a go mousey goocart, he runs up to tell his parents his discovery, after all they had won a mousey gocart race in their youth. A rabbit enters the store looking for a rabbit rocker, apparently the thingamajig is a rabbit rocker. However, the horse in the stable believes it to be a mane smoother. Mopatop is happy to have a thing in the shop that has so many purposes. Mother Mouse and Father Mouse confirms the uses of the thingamajig to Moosey and tells him that it's also a excellent box opener. Moosey decides to tell Mopatop that it can also open boxes.


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