Sesame English
Plot Tingo’s fingers get stuck in the holes of a bowling ball
Writer Pam Benson
Director Rick Fernandes, Leslie Williams
Sponsors B, V
Releases Toys, Games & Sports 2

Sesame english titlecard

Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Tingo welcomes the viewers and says today he is going bowling with Niki. He says it is a very popular sport in the United States of America and tell us how to play bowling. When Niki is ready to go bowling, Tingo finds out that his fingers are stuck inside the holes of the bowling ball he was holding.
Muppets Grover the elevator operator gives a demonstration of in and out which annoys the passengers. (on-screen word of “In” and “Out” added)
SCENE 2 Niki tries to calm down Tingo by having him breath in and out.
Film Kids say “in” and “out” as they go in and out of the school building.
SCENE 3 After breathing in and out, Niki tries again at getting the bowling ball off Tingo’s fingers, but it is still stuck on.
Animation Pencil Box B / b
(First: Episode 104: Yes, Baby)
Insert Niki and Tingo tango and sing about the letters B and V.
SCENE 4 Niki tries various ways to get the bowling ball off Tingo’s fingers.
Film V for voice, violin, Victrola, etc.
Muppets Zoe introduces the letter V and tries to think of a word as animals play violins around her until she starts to feel sleepy.
SCENE 5 After putting her feet and hands on the bowling ball and tugging with all her might, Niki finally gets the bowling ball off Tingo’s fingers. Now, Tingo feels hungry and Niki suggests they have cookies and milk. As Tingo grabs a cookie from the jar, his hand gets stuck again and says, “Here we go again.” As Niki tries to get the jar off Tingo’s hand, Tingo takes his hand out and mentions he was just kidding.

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