The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 27, 2015
Writer Stuart Kenworthy
Director Jack Jameson

Furgus oils up Harvey P. Dull's favorite chair, which has a creak in it. Mr. Dull rejoices when it's gone, causing the chair to come apart. The damage is beyond Furgus' repairing skills and he claims he must take it to a specialist. But what will Mr. Dull sit on in the meantime?! The rest of the family shows him some other fine seats in the hotel, including a swivel chair and a nest, none of which are to his liking. Phoebe proposes they simply take his mind off his favorite chair.

First, they bring him to Cookie Monster for a lesson in cookie eating. Mr. Dull flawlessly imitates Cookie Monster's eating habits, though wishes his favorite chair could have seen him succeed. Next, Elmo tries teaching him how to fold a napkin into a heart, but he makes his into a chair instead (which is torn up as the Tea Time Monsters barge through). Then, Funella leads the three (plus two rabbits and a Beachball) in a hopping class. When they're through, Mr. Dull looks forward to resting in his chair, which is still gone.

At long last, Furgus returns with the chair, good as new. Mr. Dull doesn't want to leave it alone ever again, but Elmo convinces him to take part in a new activity - musical chairs! Mr. Dull and his chair win the game and he cheers, causing the chair to start coming apart once more.


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