Sesame Street
Big Bird the night watchman
Air date January 6, 1981
Season Season 12 (1980-1981)
Sponsors I, W, 11
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Oscar recites a tone poem to Luis and Olivia, "Ode to the City." The poem describes the various noises he enjoys, which are audible to the grown-ups and drive them away.
Cartoon I - ice cream.
(First: Episode 0033)
Film The kids form a capital I.
(First: Episode 0462)
Cartoon Capital I, he's quite a guy
(First: Episode 0368)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Dr. Nobel Price wants to show off his latest invention, a piano, but it's already been invented. Kermit even knows how to play it.
Film A scuba diver swims away from.
(First: Episode 0537)
Insert Jugglers - Number Sketch #11 (0:42)
(First: Episode 1131)
Cartoon Billy Jo Jive: After Bad News Barton fails to make the swimming team, Billy and Smart Suzie teach him to eat healthier.
(First: Episode 1437)
Insert Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus reminisce about the day they first met, but they can't quite remember exactly how it happened.
(First: Episode 1122)
Cartoon Letter I (Beep Beep)
(First: Episode 0427)
Film Sesame Street Animal Films: Skeleton fish.
(First: Episode 0287)
Muppets Hands count to 11.
(First: Episode 0183)
Cartoon Two scribbles are hesitant to let a tall green one join them, until it protects them from the rain.
Film A man makes a shadow puppet of a horse.
(First: Episode 0908)
Muppets A greaser sings about his relationship that was almost ruined by a "One Way" sign.
(First: Episode 0973)
Cast Linda holds up a "One Way" sign for Damion Brown in front of Big Bird's nest construction doors. Damion reads the word, then learns to sign it.
(First: Episode 1066)
Cartoon Gloria talks about 'W'
(First: Episode 0806)
Film Knock knock. Who's there? The woodpecker!
(First: Episode 0437)
Cartoon W - wallpaper
(First: Episode 0291)
Herry and Kimberly shapes.jpg
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentHerry Monster asks Kimberly to identify geometric shapes.
(First: Episode 0899)
Animation A stop-motion-animated train runs out of track.
(First: Episode 1447)
Muppets Waiter Grover: The Count has come to order hot dogs - lots of hot dogs. But when Grover refuses to get more hot dogs because the Count will only count them, and not eat them, the Count uses a hypnotism spell to get more.
(First: Episode 0644)
Cartoon Kids count from 1 to 10, then 10 to 1, as the numbers are displayed over colored lights.
(First: Episode 0931)
Cast Maria as Chaplin tries to throw away a newspaper into a rapidly moving litter can. When she finally does, the exit door also moves and she breaks down the wall.
(First: Episode 0753)
Film Kids use shapes to make a train.
(First: Episode 0137)
SCENE 2 Big Bird sings "Imagine with Me" to the kids.
Film Kids talk about building sand castles and sand structures at the beach.
(First: Episode 1122)
Celebrity The Hines Brothers (Gregory and Maurice) can't agree on a style of dancing to do, when a voice from above suggests they cooperate.
(First: Episode 1398)
Song Joe Raposo sings "Everybody Sleeps."
(First: Episode 0406)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster finds a piano and decides to play it. The left half wants to play short notes, while the other half prefers to run his fingers across the keyboard. They decide to cooperate, and both use their notes to play "Chopsticks".
(First: Episode 1366)
Cartoon Sign language: Morning, noon, night
(First: Episode 1173)
SCENE 3 Luis and Mr. Hooper close up shop for the night. Big Bird asks them if there's any professions that work at night. He's fascinated by the work of a night watchman and volunteers to guard Hooper's Store overnight.
Film Kids compete in a speed skating competition. (version one)
(First: Episode 0412)
Muppets Grover the Salesman: Grover wants to sell Kermit the Frog some earmuffs, but Kermit doesn't have ears, so Grover gives Kermit some big human ears.
(First: Episode 0800)
Cartoon "Why Bears Smile" - a story of a bear who learned which body part to cover when sneezing.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 1109)
Film Jerry Nelson counts 20 backflips performed by a monkey.
(First: Episode 0217)
SCENE 4 Big Bird stakes out his post to watch Hooper's Store all night. He begins to cry out, "Nine o'clock and all is well!" The neighbors complain, so he calls out the time much quieter. He continues doing this until he falls asleep, despite claiming to have some owl in him.

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