The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 28, 2015
Writer Michael Goldberg
Director Helen Scott

Harvey P. Dull notes how peaceful and quiet it is today at the Furchester, a perfect day to read a book. Much to his dismay, a pirate captain, Captain Metimbers comes barging through the door. She's greeted by the Furchesters and she explains to them that she has come to look for treasure. Pirate Captain Metimbers needs two scrolls that will lead her to the treasure. Elmo and Phoebe volunteer to help her on her search.

Across the lobby Harvey feels uncomfortable while sitting in his favorite chair. He pulls out the second scroll from under the chair cushion and discovers that it is the reason for his discomfort. They applaud him for finding the scroll but Harvey wants nothing to do with their shenanigans so he leaves. Now that they've found the scroll, they read their clue that the next scroll they find will be "under something you slurp and something you crunch" and to "listen to the sound of a disappearing dessert.". They find the next scroll underneath the table where Harvey P. Dull is eating soup and crackers, once again disturbing him and prompting him to leave.

Now they must look for something that is heavy and gray that holds the treasure. Harvey P. Dull's library book is heavy and gray! So the treasure must be in his book. As it turns out,the book was the treasure all along and it belongs to Pirate Captain Metimbers. She takes the book from Harvey but he chases after her because he's not done reading it.


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