Mopatop's Shop
Written by Karen Wallace
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a telephone, a juicy bone, just then Dave the Dog opens the little door asking for the bone and Mopatop gives it to him.

The telephone rings and Puppyduck answers it. It turns out to be Mrs. Canary she will be sending her oldest chick Kevin over, he are supposed to sing his first song this evening but are a bit scared. Shortly after Lamont arrives with a Cheery Log, who quickly starts to compliment Puppyduck, Mopatop and Moosey Mouse.

Kevin arrives to the shop, Puppyduck quickly start to she if she can find something to make Kevin brave. She returns with a Pirate hat, but the hat don't fit Kevin. Puppyduck then suggest a brave canary flag, but that also don't turn out that well. Mopatop suggest that Kevin sings his song for them, a little practice could make him feel brave, so Kevin sings his song. After the song Kevin lands on the Cherry log, who starts to say how wonderful she thought the song was. Kevin are flattered and feels terrific, Mopatop and Puppyduck quickly says that Kevin should take the log home. Kevin really looks forward to the concert now.


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