The Furchester Hotel
Air date May 29, 2015
Writer Andrew Jones and Ciaran Murtagh
Director Helen Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Birdie are going skating with friends, but don't have anyone to watch over their egg. Funella boasts about the hotel's fine eggsitting services and assures them the egg is in good hands. They move it to the corner, away from all potential danger (such as the Tea Time Monsters) and Funella sits herself on the egg. Soon, the ceiling above starts to crumble, as on the floor above, Mrs. Inkwell is practicing in the dance room. The monsters worry the shards of ceiling could harm the egg; it's a catastrophe!

Funella goes upstairs to ask Mrs. Inkwell to dance softer, while Furgus goes to find something to protect the egg. Phoebe assumes the role of eggsitter and begins telling it a bedtime story. Furgus returns with several sponges to protect the egg. They work fine, though Funella has now joined Mrs. Inkwell in her dancing. Furgus goes to see where she's gone off to, while Phoebe leaves to get a blanket, noticing the egg shivering.

Elmo perches himself on top of the egg and notices it start hatching. Phoebe returns just as the baby bird hatches from the egg. The baby bird immediately zooms off. The two chase it around the lobby, while Furgus solves the dancing problem by attaching sponges to the bottom of Mrs. Inkwell's tentacles. He and Funella hear the young monsters calling for help and rush downstairs, just as Mr. and Mrs. Birdie return. Elmo and Phoebe introduce them to their new song, who rushes around the lobby some more.


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