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[[Category:Sesame Street Episodes| 1497]]
[[Category:Sesame Street Episodes| 1497]]

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Sesame Street
Mr. Ortiz's sister visits
Air date February 3, 1981
Season Season 12 (1980-1981)
Sponsors B, D, 11
  • A woman is looking for her brother with blue eyes and describes the person she's looking for in Spanish to Big Bird who asks Mr. Ortiz what each Spanish word means. Mr. Ortiz told Big Bird that "hermano" means "brother" in Spanish and "azul" means "blue" in Spanish. It turns out that Mr. Ortiz's sister is coming for a visit on Sesame Street.
  • Mr. Ortiz and his sister dances to Spanish music on the radio, thus encouraging the other residents, including Gordon, Linda, Mr. Hooper, Big Bird and the Kids to join in. Oscar announces the sponsors while Poco Loco and Barkley hold up the Sesame Street sign and the CTW sign respectively at the end.


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