The Furchester Hotel
Air date June 1, 2015
Writer Emma Millions
Director Helen Scott

While looking for her pencil, Funella comes across Bumpfy, a stuffed monster doll that Phoebe used to play with when she was younger. Just as Phoebe leaves, Mr. Clawford, a tiger, comes down to the lobby in distress; he's unable to sleep because he left his teddy bear at home. His eye draws toward Bumpfy, though Elmo hesitates to give him away since it belongs to Phoebe. But, he remembers her saying she doesn't play with him anymore, so he assumes it's fine if Mr. Clawford takes it.

Phoebe returns and is saddened that Elmo gave Bumpfy away; even though she doesn't play with him, she still loves it. She and Elmo go upstairs to get it back, but find it hard without waking Mr. Clawford. Phoebe creates a look-alike of Bumpfy so they can switch out the dolls, but Mr. Clawford ends up snuggling both in his sleep. Furgus steps in with a pulley system to raise Phoebe over Mr. Clawford to grab the dolls, but the system comes apart.

Funella solves the problem by discretely taking Bumpfy away. However, Mr. Clawford is awoken by the Tea Time Monsters and begins freaking out over where Bumpfy is. Elmo apologizes for the confusion and Phoebe ultimately decides to let Mr. Clawford keep Bumpfy, recognizing he loves the doll as much as she did when she needed it. With the doll in place, the monsters leave Mr. Clawford to take his nap.


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