The Furchester Hotel
Air date June 2, 2015
Writer Andrew Jones and Ciaran Murtagh
Director Helen Scott

The Furchester is holding its annual Lobby Race, where monster athletes come from all over to race around the lobby. Charlton the Champion, the winner the past 10 years, arrives for the race. His sole competitor flees at the sight of him, leaving nobody to challenge him and forcing the Furchesters to cancel the race. Elmo volunteers to run in the race, allowing it to continue. Phoebe takes Elmo around the coarse to practice on the obstacles.

The first part of the race is the "Tower of Towels," where the runners must carry a stack of towels across the lobby without dropping any. Next is the "Pillow Pluck," where Elmo has to remove a pillow from under a sleeping guest (Furgus) without waking them up. Then comes the "Short Order Scramble" in which Elmo takes the order of a guest (Cookie Monster in disguise), report it to Cookie Monster in the dining room and rush back to the guest with it. The race concludes by dinging Isabel at the front desk.

The race begins and it seems that Charlton has the leg up on Elmo. As they near the end, Elmo blocks Charlton from getting trampled by the Tea Time Monsters. Charlton is baffled; Elmo could've won the race if he didn't stop and help. Elmo explains it was the honest thing to do, then proposes they both ring the bell so they can both win. Funella points out they only have the one trophy, but Elmo has his own prize in mind - running the race again, this time just for the fun of it.


Supporting Cast


  • During Charlton's dinning room encounter with Cookie Monster, the latter is performed by Andy Heath. David Rudman performs him in the rest of his scenes, however.

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