Mopatop's Shop
Written by Sally-Ann Lever
Director Tom Poole

Mopatop opens the episode by offering something snabby (a crocodile), something flappy. a pig flapping it's arms says that he wish he could fly, a jolly old horse who are very happy. A horse appears behind the little door, but it's crying. Mopatop asks whats wrong, it turns out that the horse are sad about not being able to find it's glasses, Mopatop promises to look for them.

As Puppyduck unpacks their last order of lamps she discovers a very tiny lamp, she decides to polish it as it's very dusty. As soon as she starts to however, a puff of smoke comes from the lamp, and a little creature appers. He introduces himself as a Magic Teeny, it turns out that he has ran out of wishes and would like to get some more. Mopatop ensures that they have wishes in the shop, then the magic teeny starts to sing a song about being a teeny without wishes. Mopatop goes to look in the wish department, and returns with the box of flash of ligthning wishes. Puppyduck checks the box and notice that there are three wises left. Just then the horse behind the door starts to cry again about the missing glasses. The Magic Teeny tells the horse that he wished he could help, but he don't have any glasses wishes, but if the horse would want a flash of lightning wish he can help. Puppyduck then suggest that the horse should wish that a flash of lightning would find the glasses, and the horse makes the wish. A flash of lightning appears in the shop and the horse glasses are on the shop's desk. Then the pig from the opening comes in and wishes that a flash of lightning would make him fly. As The Magic Teeny opens the box the pig are hit by a lightning and flies into the air. The Magic Teeny decides to use the last wish to find more magic lightning wishes. The lightning leads them to a box with a crystal on, it's the box of wishes. The magic teeny checks the box and discovers that it holds all kind of wishes, he thanks them and vanishes in a puff of smoke. But Puppyduck can't find the lamp, it turns out that Moosey Mouse has it and wishes a giant cheese. Shortly after there's a giant cheese next to Puppyduck.


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