Sesame Street
Plot The Count's Countmobile
repeat of 1287
Air date March 2, 1981
Season Season 12 (1980-1981)
Sponsors A, C, 2
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Picture Segment Description
Countmobile 1287

SCENE 1 The Count pulls up on Sesame Street in his Countmobile and notices Luis working on an iron at the Fix-It Shop. This inspires the Count to count jobs people have. He notices Susan in her nurses uniform on her way to work, making two kinds of jobs. Luis points the Count toward another job he might want to count.
SCENE 1 cont'd The Count counts a meter maid, who hands him a ticket for parking next to the fire hydrant.
SCENE 2 Biff does some digging in the street, when he realizes it's lunch time. However, he can't seem to find his lunchbox with his usual ham-and-cheese sandwich. He notices Maria giving Luis some "jamon con queso" and asks what's going on. Luis offers one of the sandwiches to him, but Biff claims he doesn't go for foreign food, until he learns "jamon y queso" is Spanish for Biff's favorite sandwich.
SCENE 3 Maria and the kids admire a tree Biff has just planted, though he thinks it was a total waste of his time. They all tell him the many different things trees are good for. He sees the value in the tree and decides to rest under its meager shade, apologizing to it.
SCENE 4 Oscar doesn't like the nice music coming from Susan's radio and fetches his recorder to play some Grouch music, which is all loud noises.
SCENE 5 Oscar comes across Susan's radio, which she left behind. He thumbs through some of the yucky stations, when he finds he's able to hear two at once, producing a rotten sound! Maria announces the sponsors.

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