The Furchester Hotel
Air date June 3, 2015
Writer Christine Ferraro
Director Jack Jameson

The Furchester family prepares for an upcoming visit from the hotel inspector. Funella hopes his positive write-up will bump the Furchester to a whole star rating. Furgus then shows Elmo and Phoebe some of the new technological advances they've made: the lift is now voice-activated (however, it only comprehends chicken) and the beds can move with a remote (but those are acting up as well). The monsters worry what the inspector will think of these issues, so Phoebe suggests they distract him from anything going wrong.

The inspector arrives and the monsters distract him with tricks and dragging him around the lobby, making sure he doesn't notice any of the usual commotion. As he inspects the automated bedroom, he finds himself stuck in the automatic bed. After running into more crazy guests and being pounced on by Cookie Monster, he decides to fail them for inspection and takes away their mere half star rating.

The monsters convince him to reconsider and with a positive review from a guest, he concludes he still won't pass them, but allows them to keep their half star. They all celebrate, while the inspector gets stuck in the revolving door on his way out.


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