Mopatop's Shop
Written by Mellie Buse
Director Tom Poole

Mopatop opens the episode by offering something to wear, a coconut with hair or a bag of fresh air, that Mopatop ends up giving to the coconut.

Puppyduck and Mopatop can smell something horrible in the shop. Meanwhile the mouse family can smell something wonderful, they think it smells like cheese. Moosey Mouse starts to search for the source under the floor boards. In the shop Mopatop decides to open up the summer garden cupboard to hide the horrible smell. Then a Sniffly Whiffler enters the shop looking for a smell that he thinks comes from the shop. He starts to sing about smells.

The Sniffly Whiffler thinks that the smell are coming from the attic. Meanwhile Moosey Mouse are closing in on the cheese smell and it's getting stronger. The Sniffly Whiffler are excited the smell are nothing like the smells he has in his collection he must have it and are willing to give one of his best smells in exchange and he pulls out a fresh baked bread. Mopatop tells him that they would be happy to give it to him, but they don't know the source of it. Moosey reached down under the floor boards and got his hands on what he believes are the cheese, however it turns out to be an old smelling sock. Mother Mouse throws it down to the shop, and the Sniffly Whiffler are happy to finally get the wonderful smell. Moosey notice the smell of the fresh baked bread from the shop and goes down to fetch it.


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