Sesame Street
Air date April 15, 1981
Season Season 12 (1980-1981)
Sponsors A, Q, 4
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Maria and her cousin Mercedes are about to do some work in the back room of the Fix-It Shop, when Buffy emerges from the shop's trash can. She explains that Oscar threw a big party last night and she never got any sleep. She hopes to take a nap in the shop, believing it will be quieter than Oscar's place, but the sounds of the buzzsaw prove to be just as loud. She exits the shop, where Big Bird wants to show her something a friend of his from the airport gave him. Buffy is too preoccupied with finding a place to sleep: construction workers are doing their job on the sidewalk, the basement of Hooper's Store is flooded and David has to make milkshakes with the noisy milkshake maker. Big Bird finally shows Buffy the item he was given - special headphones to drown out the sounds of the airplanes. Buffy borrows them and falls asleep on the stoop.
Cartoon Q for Quiet
Artist: John Korty
(First: Episode 0441)
Film A man makes a shadow puppet of a horse.
(First: Episode 0908)
Cartoon Q-quiet! (tree chopping)
(First: Episode 0675)
Muppets The dark-bearded half of the Two-Headed Monster wakes up to argue with itself over whether to go to the zoo or the playground. The two both end up taking naps instead.
(First: Episode 1475)
Owlbirdcompromise Cartoon An owl and a bluebird work out a compromise.
(First: Episode 1493)
Muppets A Muppet cowpoke gives a musical warning about the "Danger Sign."
(First: Episode 1295)
Cartoon A Middle Eastern man narrowly avoids various forms of danger, then trips and falls in a hole.
(First: Episode 1387)
Cartoon A trash can in the park dictates a letter about the scenery that surrounds her.
Artist: Irra Verbitsky
(First: Episode 1486)
Muppets Cookie Monster sounds out the word FOOD, then eats it.
(First: Episode 0601)
Film Kids watch a silent movie with a man resting on the train tracks with an oncoming trolley - DANGER!
(First: Episode 0480)
Video Scanimate kids intro
(First: Episode 0798)
SCENE 2 David brings the kids some slices of pizza, which turns into a game of "One of These Things" to find which one is different. David produces an extra slice for himself, but gives it to another kid who shows up late.
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie asks Bert to play a game where they take turns counting and then saying "Q". Ernie goes first with "1 Q", and Bert follows with "2 Q". The game continues, until Bert gets to "10 Q". "You're welcome, Bert!" Ernie says.
(First: Episode 0440)
Video Triangle in space (David voiceover)
Film Two men, Big and Little, travel around playing the tuba and violin. Even though they’re different (Big has dark skin, and Little has light skin), together they make beautiful music.
(First: Episode 0016)
Farley hat shop
Muppets Farley goes to the hat shop. (long take)
(First: Episode 0244)
Film Sesame Street Animal Films: Crocodile
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0410)
Big Bird Shola sticks
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentBig Bird and Shola demonstrate a big stick versus a little stick.
(First: Episode 0306)
Cartoon Cat / fat / hat / sat / rat / bat / scat / splat / flat / pat
(First: Episode 0770)
Muppets The Count extinguishes electric candles by counting them with his finger. As he heads up the stairs for bed, he steps on Fatatita. He also tells his wolf Yuba to run and play with his friends.
(First: Episode 0545)
Cartoon King Minus and the Disappearing Dragons
(First: Episode 0345)
Film A male voice instructs three kids in stretching exercises.
(EKA: Episode 1398)
Pinball 04
Cartoon Pinball Number Count #4
(First: Episode 0984)
Film A man makes a shadow puppet of a camel
(First: Episode 0593)
SCENE 3 Buffy sings "Down in the Valley" with a cow and horse.
Cartoon "The Story of A": A witch tells bored kids a story about the letter A involving an ant's apple getting stolen by an archer.
(First: Episode 0130)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie won't let Bert into the apartment. Bert thinks he might be sad, and then Bert thinks Ernie might be hiding something from Bert, which makes him mad and demand to be let in. He comes in, and Ernie has thrown him a surprise party. Guests at the party include Roosevelt Franklin, Herbert Birdsfoot, Prairie Dawn, Sherlock Hemlock, Grover, Guy Smiley, and a mailman.
(First: Episode 0461)
Cartoon An orchestra conductor asks "May I have an A, please?" at which point a giant letter A falls from the sky.
(First: Episode 0770)
Insert Three of These Kids are playing policeman, but the other one is playing fireman.
(First: Episode 0408)
Muppets Harvey Kneeslapper tells a man that "stickys" are really useful. The man asks, "What's a sticky for?". Then Harvey slaps a number 4 on the man's chest and says, "This is sticky, and it's a four!"
(First: Episode 0668)
Film A band plays and children dance at a Cinco de Mayo celebration.
(First: Episode 0438)
Muppets Ernie tries to keep his cookies safe from Cookie Monster by tricking him into eating a carrot instead.
(First: Episode 1232)
Film Green Tree Snake
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0285)
Muppets Kermit and Grover draw a Q on-screen.
(First: Episode 0493)
Cartoon Ants carry a huge letter 'Q' uphill.
(First: Episode 0787)
Celebrity Bill Cosby counts to 20 with his "twin."
(First: Episode 0135)
Filmfair q
Cartoon A duck sings about all the reasons why q should be remembered.
(First: Episode 0789)
Film A mailman on horseback delivers mail in the Appalachian mountains of Kentucky.
(First: Episode 0493)
SCENE 4 Mercedes sings a Spanish song to everyone on the stoop. Oscar attempts to stop the proceedings, when Buffy points that since Oscar threw a party last night, she gets to throw one tonight. Everyone begins piling into the can, to Oscar's dismay.

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