Mopatop's Shop
Written by Sally-Ann Lever
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a bass drum, some Diddly-Dums or a lettuce that hums.

Puppyduck is cleaning out the "clothes for stars" department, and she has dressed herself in some of the clothes because she would love to be a star. Just then the opera singer Singalotti enters the shop. His problem is that his regular singing partner Madame Butterfly has lost her voice in a tree and can't find it, so he needs a new partner. Moosey Mouse hears it and decides that this might be his chance to become a famous singer. Puppyduck volunteers to be his new partner, but even though she looks like a star there's a problem. She's not small or green. Everything in the show must be green. Moosey thinks he has a chance as he is small, so he looks for something green to wear. Meanwhile, Mopatop takes Singalotti to the small and green department where Singalotti comes with new requirements; small, green, round and leafy. Moosey thinks he has a round stomach but decides to make it rounder and also finds a leaf to wear on his head.

Moosey does a small audition with Singalotti, but is rejected due to his voice being too squeaky. Just as Singalotti is about to cancel the show the Lettuce starts to sing. Singalotti is happy that the lettuce fits his requirements and they start to sing a duet about singing together. Singalotti thanks Mopatop and Puppyduck by giving them tickets to the show.


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