Mopatop's Shop
Written by Karen Wallace
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering an icicle, a tricycle, or a rainbow bicycle.

Puppyduck pops up and says she is going to watch the big bicycle race after they closed the shop. Just then Mansell Monkey enters the shop and says he wants to be invisible. Mopatop says they have an invisible machine with a hose that can make Mansell Monkey invisible. When Mopatop turns on the machine, the hose goes out of control and sprays Moosey Mouse, who came down to see the big bicycle race. After getting the hose in control, Mopatop sprays Mansell invisible until he can't be seen unless he moves anything in the store.

At that moment, Peggy Porcupine enters the store to look for Mansell since he is on her team in the race. When she cannot find him, Peggy tells Mopatop and Puppyduck that she will be outside if they see Mansell. After Peggy leaves, Mopatop and Puppyduck hear Mansell crying right next to his bike. Mansell confesses that he wants to be invisible because he told everyone that he could ride a bike, when he doesn't know how. Mopatop helps Mansell learn to ride a bike and soon Mansell is able to ride without Mopatop holding on to him.

Moosey Mouse goes back home to show his parents that he is invisible. While impressed, Moosey's parents want him visible before supper time. Moosey goes back down to the store as Puppyduck was about to turn on the invisible machine. The hose goes out of control and makes Moosey and Mansell visible again after they get sprayed. Mansell goes off to join his teammates in the race.

As Mopatop and Puppyduck close the shop, Mopatop tries to ride a tricycle while Puppyduck makes a phone call on the telephone.



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