Sesame Street
The Grouchketeers form a band
Air date May 11, 1981
Season Season 12 (1980-1981)
Sponsors S, Y, 11
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Oscar leads The Grouchketeer Noisemaking Band in a ratty version of "The Stars and Gripes Forever."
Cartoon A yak discusses the letter "Y" on a stage, and is insulted when it is called a "Yakkity-yakkity-yak".
(First: Episode 0301)
Muppets / Cast Bob reads "Yolanda and the Youth", a story about a youth who wins the hand of Princess Yolanda by passing the "Y" test.
(First: Episode 0174)
Cartoon A pig sings "Pig's Love Song."
(First: Episode 0462)
Cartoon Two hippie kids wonder how to make their droopy plant grow.
(First: Episode 1484)
SCENE 2 Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus prepare for their trip to the park. Big Bird doesn't feel like walking and has a new way to get there - Snuffy will blow strongly as Big Bird holds his kite. The wind will propel Big Bird (on his skates) into the sky and he'll fly to the park. Snuffy starts inhaling, but holds off as the Grouchketeer band marches past. He holds off again to confirm where the two will meet once Big Bird lands - at the merry-go-round in fifteen minutes. He creates a large wind that rolls Big Bird into the arbor, where he crashes. Snuffy runs off to the park on his own to meet up with Big Bird at their rendezvous point.
Film The Mad Painter #11
(First: Episode 0329)
Cartoon "It's a Lovely Eleven Morning"
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0362)
Muppets Ernie is a coach for his baseball team of three balls. In front of him are three small caps and a huge cap. Each of the balls tries on the big cap and gets completely covered up. Ernie puts the small caps on them, and they're ready to start. As Ernie wonders where that huge cap came from, a basketball named Big Bill (captain of the opposing team) bounces in, demanding his cap back. Ernie ends up postponing the game once he sees the competition.
(First: Episode 0478)
Cartoon ifwedare
Cartoon A poem about changing seasons.
(First: Episode 0726)
Film Children in a movie theater tell a man on the screen not to open a door that says "DANGER" on it. He opens it, and there's an explosion.
(First: Episode 0526)
2257 babydangertoon
Cartoon A baby sees a "danger" sign, which points to several dangerous images.
(First: Episode 0933)
SCENE 3 Telly Monster observes the Grouchkeeters and wishes he could be one too. Maria encourages him to just ask. Oscar allows Telly to join, as they need someone in the band to play a double-boiler. Telly receives his official uniform and plays with the group. Oscar isn't pleased to hear Telly declare this as the happiest day of his life.
Cartoon A boy's friends bring him flowers to cheer him up, not knowing that he's allergic to them.
(First: Episode 1524)
Muppets Grover sings "Over, Under, Around and Through."
(First: Episode 0258)
Cartoon S for sing
(First: Episode 0824)
Film A construction machine and a horse look similar.
Animation Sand S/s
(First: Episode 0622)
SCENE 4 The Grouchketeer band passes through Hooper's Store, irritating Mr. Hooper and his toothache. He can't seem to find any mayo and asks David about its whereabouts. David asserts it's in the fridge, but Mr. Hooper chews David out over it being lost and orders him to another store to get some more. David is now in a fowl mood as he runs into a bicycle Luis repairs on the sidewalk. The two argue and now Luis is angry. Big Bird comes by and bothers Luis, who snaps at the bird. Big Bird feels angry himself now and yells at Radar once he reaches his nest. Everyone realizes their mistakes and apologizes.
Cartoon A man demonstrates Spanish words that start with the letter Y.
(First: Episode 0470)
Muppets Muppet lettuce, bread, cheese, butter, and ham argue on who an Anything Muppet girl should have for a snack. They all cooperate to make a sandwich.
(First: Episode 1204)
Film The celebration of Chinese New Year
(First: Episode 0495)
3 mules
Cartoon Subtracting three mules
(First: Episode 0767)
Muppets Herry Monster sings "Two Heads Are Better Than One."
(First: Episode 1447)
Cartoon An elephant counts to 20.
Artist: Owe Gustafson
(First: Episode 1466)
Insert Jugglers - Setting Up Pins (3:36)
(First: Episode 1026)
Cartoon Two kids find different uses for a cooking pot.
(First: Episode 0795)
SCENE 5 The Grouchkeeter band marches past the Fix-It Shop, where Luis is setting up a projector for a group of Honkers to watch their favorite film...
Film Seals make noise.
(First: Episode 0279)
The Honkers honk throughout the film, echoing the noises made by the seals.
SCENE 5 cont'd The Honkers respond wildly to the film and request a second showing.
Cartoon Y for Yak
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 1184)
Film Jerry Nelson counts 20 backflips performed by a monkey.
(First: Episode 0217)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Jack Be Nimble can't figure out how to jump over the candlestick.
(First: Episode 0723)
Cartoon The Typewriter: Y for Yo-Yo
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 0769)
Dot Bridge 04 third red
Cartoon Dot Bridge (third dot wants to be red)
(First: Episode 0001)
SCENE 6 The Grouchketeers march around the block some more. David, Mr. Hooper, Maria and Luis decide to make some noise and march too. Oscar observes, "Looks like everyone's getting into the act. Which proves once again there's a little grouch in everyone!"

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