Mopatop's Shop
Written by Mellie Buse
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering two giant eggs, a dog that begs or two woolly legs.

Puppyduck just got a new box of Wool and knitting needles, Mopatop thinks that's good because they used it all up for the woolly socks for Chester the Cheetah. Topsy and Mopsy enters the shop they start of saying that they do the swapsies all the time and sing a song abut it. Mopsy want to make a yummy scrummy mouse cake and Topsy want to make a cuddly doddly little woolly mouse, however Mopsy don't know how to bake and Topsy don't know how to knit so they do the swapsie and leave the shop. Lamont arrives with a delivery of pretend mouse ears.

Topsy and Mopsy returns with a new problem, they have made the cake and the mouse but they have not got the thing that they wanted. Mopatop suggest that they should do another swapsie that way they will get what they want. After the swapsie they notice the mouse ears and they suggest that they swap the wooly mouse and mouse cake for two pairs of mouse ears, Mopatop agrees and this time Puppyduck and Mopatop do the swapsie.


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