Mopatop's Shop
Written by Mellie Buse
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a lovely straw hat, a shawl or a meow of a cat, however Mopatop can't find the cat, instead he finds a dog behind the little door. It turns out that the meow came from Puppyduck.

The first customer of the day enters the shop, it's Flash Harry, he want to take the most beutiful picture in the whole world and asks Mopatop and Puppyduck to pose for him. After taking the photo he leaves the shop. Shortly after Doreen Warthog enters the shop, she wants to be beautiful. She wants bigger warts, longer tusks, a bow and a hat. Puppyduck finds the things Doreen wants and takes her aside to change.

Flash Harry comes in again as he thought he could smell a warthog. Mopatop tells him that there is a warthog in the shop and Flash Harry are delighted as he has been looking for warthog as he thinks they are beautiful. Puppyduck and Doreen returns and she's happy with her new look and she quickly gets compliments from both Puppyduck and Mopatop. However Flash Harry don't think she looks beautiful with the fake warts, tusks, hat and bow. Harry starts to sing about how beautiful she are without all the extras. He manage to take a picture of her just before the shop closes.


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