Mopatop's Shop
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering soap suds. some fuzz or....Mopatop gets interrupted by the buzzing of a noisy fly. After the fly disappears Mopatop tries to do his introduction again, but when he gets to the fuzz, the fly reappears to interrupt him and he tries to catch it. Meanwhile, the mouse family looks on with interest, and Moosey Mouse decides to go down and help.

Mopatop asks Puppyduck to find the high buzzing fly, and they begin to chase it around the shop. But at one point, it sounds like the fly is laughing at them. They then discover that the fly answers them by using one buzz for "yes" and two buzzes for "no". Moosey leaves the shop to tell his parents that he knows how to speak a new language. They begin to ask him questions about where he is, but when they find it he flies away and they begin to sing a song with questions for the fly. After the song the fly disappears and a customer enters. It's a frog, who is hungry and looking for a fly. Just then the fly starts to buzz again. It turns out that the fly is named Francis and that the frog told him to wait in Mopatop's Shop. They leave the shop together to get lunch. Meanwhile, Moosey is using the fly language to answer yes and no to questions from his parents.


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