Mother Goose Stories
Written by David Angus
Director Michael J. Kerrigan
Dicky Birds-title
Dicky Birds-sit

Two little dicky birds sit on the wall

Mother Goose tells the goslings the story of two little Dicky Birds.


There once was a princess who loved birds. Her father, the king, stocked the royal garden with all the finest birds in the kingdom for her to enjoy; there were even plants shaped like birds. One day, two little dicky birds land on the garden wall. The birds, named Peter and Paul, soon make friends with the princess, who welcomes them to stay in the garden.

When the princess leaves to tell her father of her new friends, however, the other snobbish birds look down upon the dicky birds for being so plain. Soon the Royal Gardener, finding the dicky birds unworthy to stay in the garden, tells Peter and Paul to fly away and never come back. The princess is furious when she discovers that the gardener has banished her new friends and sends him to bring them back.

The gardener searches high and low for the birds. Finally, after days of searching, he comes upon them, depressed from being rejected and sadly sipping water from a pool. He asks Peter and Paul to come back to the royal garden to live with the princess. Excited about the news, the two birds quickly fly back to the castle where they reunite with the princess.


The Princess, Royal Birds, Topiary Peacock, Peter and Paul, The Royal Gardener, Cat


Video releases

Broadcast Episode #8
Dicky Birds Rub A Dub Dub Humpty Dumpty