Mopatop's Shop
Written by Mellie Buse
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering a coat, a boat or a note that he wrote.

Puppyduck are trying to see how quickly she can pop, when Lamont enters the store. He don't want to do deliveries anymore since it makes him go to fast and he want to be slower so he want to work in the shop. Mopatop agrees to let Lamont work there for the day. Busy Fizzie enters the shop with a box of busy things for the shop since he are to busy to be busy with them, and he would like a skateboard in return so he can be more whizzy when he are busy. Mopatop tells Lamont to get a skateboard, but Busy Fizzie don't have time to wait so he leaves. Just as Lamont gets back Busy Fizzie returns with some busy bees, he takes the skateboard and says that he wish he could have some wings so he could be even busier. Mopatop asks Lamont to get some wings and Busy Fizzie leaves. Lamont returns with wings and Busy Fizzie returns with more busy things. He asks Lamont if he has something that could make him go faster, but Lamont says that he needs some slow instead and starts to sing about being slow. Busy Fizzie are convinced that being slow are better than being busy and that from now on he will be known as Slow Mo. Lamont also declares that he wants to be a deliveryman again, since working in the shop are to fast for him.


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