Mopatop's Shop
Written by Karen Wallace
Director Simon Spencer


Mopatop opens the episode by offering something that sounds hishy, something that smells fishy or something that feels squishy.

Marvin Mudmaker enters the shop with an order of mud that Puppyduck has ordered. Moosey Mouse calls Marvin over to him, as he loves mud and would love to have some. He takes the mud up to his parents, but they quickly send him down with the mud again. Meanwhile, Marvin has spread mud all over the shop. Puppyduck is busy cleaning it up and wishes that Marvin had placed all the mud in the mud department instead of spreading it around the shop. Mrs. Crocodile enters the shop looking for a swamp, so Puppyduck shows her the swamp department and Mrs. Crocodile is impressed there is almost everything she needs for her swamp, but something very important is missing. Moosey asks Marvin what he knows about swamps, and Marvin says that swamps are full of lovely mud. Moosey tells him to help out over in the swamp department. Meanwhile, Mrs. Crocodile has started to sing about the missing ingredient and Marvin joins in. The mud turns out to be the last ingredient, so Mrs. Crocodile asks Marvin to make her some mud for the swamp and Marvin agrees to help her out.


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