Sesame Street
Oscar's Grouch formula
(repeat of 1363)
Air date February 17, 1982
Season Season 13 (1981-1982)
Sponsors X, Y, 7
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Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Big Bird imagines the viewer is just as tall as he is.
Cartoon A top-hatted man tries to show a girl how many uses a box has, but she prefers kicking it.
(First: Episode 0763)
Muppets Bert sings "Doin' the Pigeon".
(First: Episode 0536)
Cartoon In still photographs, a boy asks his friend what his mother does. The mother's shoes become animated, as she describes what she did today. She turns out to be a policewoman.
(First: Episode 1578)
Cast Olivia and a boy visit a butcher's shop to learn how a butcher does his job.
Cartoon Christopher Clumsy jumps over a hole and says that he fooled the viewer. He then walks into a wall.
(First: Episode 0439)
Video Scanimate kids intro
(First: Episode 0798)
SCENE 2 Maria, Linda and the kids play a game where they act out different actions for the others to guess.
Cartoon AT words: A fat cat with a hat sat on a mat. A bat scared the fat cat.
(First: Episode 1101)
Celebrity Whitman Mayo's Animal Guessing Game #1 (Lions)
(First: Episode 0778)
Muppets Ernie helps Cookie Monster in making apple-walnut-raisin cookies, but every time Ernie hands the monster each ingredient, Cookie Monster instantly devours it.
(First: Episode 1287)
Cartoon The Typewriter gets a check-up with help from an x-ray.
(First: Episode 0787)
Muppets Harvey Kneeslapper: X Marks the Spot!
(First: Episode 0456)
SCENE 3 Oscar tries to get Charles the Robot to stop saying the word "YES."
Cartoon A wizard walks through a door. A boy in pajamas tries to imitate him without success.
(First: Episode 1042)
Muppets The Magic Painting Lady shows off her magic painting of a doorway which will help show "through". Three Anything Muppets in the painting come through the doorway. When it comes time for Grover's turn, he ends up breaking through the painting.
(First: Episode 0580)
Film A wheel rolls away from a junkyard. A boy captures it to complete his wagon. (Spanish version)
(EKA: Episode 0530)
Cartoon Y for Yak
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 1184)
Celebrity Whitman Mayo's Animal Guessing Game #4 (Fish)
(First: Episode 0778)
Cartoon Toothpaste March
Artist: Ray Favata
(First: Episode 1446)
Muppets Ernie is scared of a violent thunderstorm during the night, but Bert reassures him it won't last. To cope with his fears, Ernie imagines the lightning as flashes from Olivia's camera, and the thunderclaps are someone dropping something.
SCENE 4 Bob sings a song about opposites with Linda and the kids.
Cartoon A boy talks about his pet letter Y, named Yetta.
(First: Episode 0443)
Muppets The dark-bearded half of the Two-Headed Monster wakes up to argue with itself over whether to go to the zoo or the playground. The two both end up taking naps instead.
(First: Episode 1475)
Celebrity Whitman Mayo's Animal Guessing Game (Snake)
(First: Episode 1167)
Cartoon A bird lays ten eggs.
(First: Episode 1576)

Cast In a spoof of the famous Mean Joe Greene Coke commercial, football player Big Murray (Gordon) accepts a number 7 from a young fan, whom he rewards with a towel that also has a 7 on it.
(First: Episode 1535)
Cartoon Seven piglets
Artist: Owe Gustafson
(First: Episode 1546)
Film A flock of sheep crosses the river.
(First: Episode 1165)
Cartoon Several circles try to get past a large square.
(First: Episode 1486)
Insert Telly, dressed in a derby hat, plays a game with Olivia - she asks him a series of "yes or no" questions and he gives his answer by pointing to her "YES" and "NO" signs. He then asks her some questions regarding spaghetti. She claims one doesn't wear spaghetti, when Telly reveals he's wearing a plate under his hat (he wasn't able to find his lunchbox).
(First: Episode 1608)
Cartoon A dog answers "Yes" to every question.
(First: Episode 0783)
Film A boy and girl pretend to be father and mother to a constantly-crying baby doll.
(First: Episode 1388)
Cartoon A man demonstrates Spanish words that start with the letter Y.
(First: Episode 0470)
Muppets Old West: Sinister Sam announces that someone has bought the last box of crayons, and he wants to know why. It turns out that he just wants a crayon so he can learn how to write the letter Y.
(First: Episode 1288)
SCENE 5 Maria and David pass by Oscar's trash can just as an explosion occurs from within. Oscar, the mad scientist "Dr. Grouch," claims to have invented a formula that can turn even the nicest person into a Grouch. David and Maria do not wish to be his test subjects and encourage him to try it instead, thinking he'll become even grouchier than ever. Oscar gulps it down and instead of becoming grouchier, he becomes nice and friendly.
Muppets The Twiddlebugs attempt to exit a roller skating rink.
(First: Episode 1468)
Cartoon Splash (girl on beach)
(First: Episode 0996)
SCENE 5 cont'd Oscar is still acting pleasant and tolerable, when the potion wears off and he's back to his grouchy self. He doesn't remember anything from the experience and is appalled to learn how nice he was. He vows to destroy his formula and starts re-messing up his can.

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