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Sesame Street
Gordon's new motorcycle
Air date March 10, 1982
Season Season 13 (1981-1982)
Sponsors X, Y, 4
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Picture Segment Description
Video Scanimate kids intro
(First: Episode 0798)
SCENE 1 Big Bird presents David, who makes the form of the letter Y with his body.
Cartoon A boy can yell and yodel, and his dog can yelp and yowl. They can both yawn.
(First: Episode 0353)
Muppets Old West: Sinister Sam announces that someone has bought the last box of crayons, and he wants to know why. It turns out that he just wants a crayon so he can learn how to write the letter Y.
(First: Episode 1288)
Cartoon A man tries to get to sleep, but is woken up by a fly, a chicken and a drum-playing rabbit, all of whom call him on the phone after he throws them out.
Artists: The Hubleys
(First: Episode 0257)
Richard Pryor plays with cars.jpg
Celebrity Richard Pryor uses his hat to participate in playing cars with kids.
(First: Episode 0779)
Cartoon Y for yawn
(First: Episode 0301)
Muppets Two-Headed Monster: HONK
SCENE 2 Gordon has the day off and decides to spend it taking a drive to the country for a hike. However, as he goes to fetch his hiking boots, Susan enters and drives off with the car. Gordon remembers that she needed to take one of her patients to the dentist. He thinks of another way he can fulfill his plans.
Muppets A group of female Anything Muppets sing about the many things "Women Can Be."
(First: Episode 0773)
Cartoon Four Carpenters
(First: Episode 1616)
Film Two box-beings make each other look same and different by piling different objects on each other.
(First: Episode 0226)
Cartoon Four dolphins
Artist: Owe Gustafson
(First: Episode 1491)
Muppets Roosevelt Franklin leads a counting practice for his Headball team.
(First: Episode 0893)
SCENE 3 Susan returns and finds Gordon atop a motorcycle. He explains that Gus from the service station down the block wants to sell it and believes an extra mode of transportation would benefit them. Susan agrees and decides to ride the bike herself to tell Gus about it.
Cartoon The life of a Yellow Yahoo
(First: Episode 0043)
1041E&Bclean1.jpg Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” (Part 1) Bert tells Ernie to clean up the messy apartment.
(First: Episode 0010)
Film A young girl mashes away at the keys of a piano. As the years go by, she practices more and more until she's an adult playing at a recital.
(First: Episode 0637)
1041E&Bclean2.jpg Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” (Part 2) Ernie has finished cleaning up the apartment, but the toy chest is still a mess, so he throws toys all over the place.
(First: Episode 0010)
Cartoon A yak discusses the letter "Y" on a stage, and is insulted when it is called a "Yakkity-yakkity-yak".
(First: Episode 0301)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Herry Monster and Christopher explore the ways they're the same and different.
(First: Episode 1200)
Cartoon A man wants a hat, but the hat shop owner's hats are all the same - except for a ten-gallon hat, which complements the customer's horseback riding nicely.
(First: Episode 0781)
Song Joe Raposo sings "Trying and Trying Again."
(First: Episode 0631)
Cartoon The word entrada tries to run through a wall, then runs through the entrance.
(First: Episode 0939)
Little chrissy you're alive.jpg
Muppets Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats sing "You're Alive."
(First: Episode 1482)
Cartoon "Alphabet Imagination": A female voice quickly recites the alphabet followed by a male voice narrating each letter in a series of psychedelic vignettes.
(First: Episode 0345)
SCENE 4 Gordon goes to Hooper's Store for something to picnic with in the country. Meanwhile, Susan surprises Olivia by showing her the new motorcycle. The two take a ride on it, leaving Gordon behind.
Cartoon music hall.jpg
Cartoon A cleaning lady (reminiscent of Carol Burnett's character) wanders into a music rehearsal room, plays each instrument, and puts all the sounds back into the wrong instruments.
(First: Episode 0774)
Song Joe Raposo sings "Hippopotamus Round."
(First: Episode 0413)
Cartoon The Ringmaster presents four lions.
(First: Episode 1309)
Dandy David flower pots.jpg
Cast "Dandy David" adds flowers and flower pots.
(First: Episode 0454)
Cartoon The Funny Four tickles all the people and animals he sees.
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” As Bert takes a nap, Ernie tells the viewer how he knows that Bert is asleep - thus waking Bert up, just to tell him it's time for his nap.
(First: Episode 0027)
SCENE 5 Mr. Hooper needs to make a delivery to Mrs. Grant, but the Hooper's Store delivery bike has some brake problems. Gordon loads the food into the saddlebag of the motorcycle with the intention of delivering them himself, but Mr. Hooper rides it on his own, citing he doesn't want Gordon to work on his day off.
Animation Sand X/x
(First: Episode 0638)
Film In time-lapse footage, a construction crew builds a house and paints it green, and a family moves into it.
(First: Episode 1171)
Cartoon "Poverty X": A peanut-shaped figure lists the words that the letter "X" can be found in.
(First: Episode 0006)
Muppets Two-Headed Monster: HAT
(First: Episode 1349)
Film People of all ages ride bicycles.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0616)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Grover asks Katie to hug him and scratch his tummy.
Song "Starfish"
(First: Episode 0280)
Cartoon Sign Sounds: TAXI
(First: Episode 1136)
SCENE 6 With nobody around, Gordon finally takes his chance to take the motorcycle out to the country...only to find it's out of gas.

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