Mopatop's Shop
Written by Karen Wallace
Director Simon Spencer

Mopatop opens the episode by offering something you can roll, something in a bowl or a yodeling mole.

Puppyduck tries out the whistle that Mr. Wolf traded for a new one, Mopatop asks her to put it in the whistle department. Puppyduck are surprised when she discovers that theres only one little whistle left in the whistle department, she goes to order some more. A customer enters the shop, it's a little green frog, he starts to sing about that no-one notice him in the big pond i lives in. Mopatop thinks that the frog needs something to make him bigger, Puppyduck pulls out a pair of stilts. The frog tries them out however he can't hold his balance for long. The yodeling Mole suggest that the frog yodel, but the frog can't yodel. Moosey Mouse are sure that he knows what the frog needs and blows in the little whistle from the whistle department. They look around to see where the sound came from, but don't notice Moosey slipping away. The frog are sure that if he could make such a noise he would get noticed. Puppyduck remembers the whistle and fetches it. The frog likes the whistle and takes it home with him.


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