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Sesame Street
Air date March 25, 1982
Season Season 13 (1981-1982)
Written by Emily Perl Kingsley
Sponsors W, X, 5
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Picture Segment Description
Insert Guy Smiley hosts the "The Anything-in-the-World Prize Game" and asks questions to random people on the street. The winner gets to choose the prize. His guest is Oscar the Grouch, who doesn't want to be bothered by Guy Smiley and accidentally gets every answer right. Since Oscar gets to have whatever he wants for a prize, he asks Guy to get lost.
(First: Episode 0915)
Cartoon Three scribbles exercise.
Artist: Fred Garbers
(First: Episode 1579)
Film City alphabet (Joe Raposo instrumental with kid voiceover)
(First: Episode 0132)
Animation Apples fall from a tree, which bothers the hill beneath it, as Irish music underscores the segment.
Artist: Etienne Delessert
(First: Episode 0628)
Muppets "At the Bus Stop Sign"
(First: Episode 1392)
Cartoon Bus Stop
(First: Episode 1396)
Cast Olivia and a boy visit a butcher's shop to learn how a butcher does his job.
(First: Episode 1638)
Cartoon A boy observes a mother bird feeding her babies, and remembers to run home to dinner.
(First: Episode 1508)
Film Footage of birds swimming, including flamingos, swans and ducks.
(First: Episode 0981)
Insert Big Bird finds out how many feet Mr. Snuffleupagus has.
(First: Episode 1544)
Film A boy narrates a film of cows being fed hay during winter.
Music: Robert Dennis
(First: Episode 0787)
Cartoon Beetle Bailey wants to be first in the chow line, but he ends up last.
(First: Episode 0666)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash
Kermit the Frog talks to people waiting in line for a football game being held at the SuperGame Stadium. A woman explains why she is last in line, and points out that Kermit is actually last, although Kermit insists that he is not in line. He goes to the front of the line and finds out that the first two people in the line are in a disagreement over which of them is first in line. The gate opens, and everyone walks all over Kermit.
(First: Episode 1327)
Cartoon The Story of Cowboy X, with the voices of Jean Shepherd
(First: Episode 0325)
Film Hamburger bun factory
(First: Episode 0615)
Cast Gordon and Luis cooperate to clean up a pile of litter with a dustpan and broom.
(First: Episode 1452)
Cartoon Jive Five
Muppets In the park, Harvey Kneeslapper comes up behind a man, asks him, "Wanna see something funny?" and then holds a mirror up. The man sees nothing funny...until he looks at Harvey!
(First: Episode 0283)
Cartoon I am crying / estoy llorando (David and Maria voiceover)
(First: Episode 1041)
SCENE 1 Big Bird brings Ralphie a glass of milk from Hooper's Store. He offers to help him carry it home, since it may be difficult in his wheelchair. Ralphie insists he'll be fine on his own and places the glass in a special bag attached to the chair, freeing his hands to push the wheels.
Cartoon The letter X
(First: Episode 0482)
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Ernie, Bert and Shola talk about the letter X.
(First: Episode 0560)
Cartoon What would happen if I popped this balloon?
(First: Episode 1312)
Film Marching band forms a square
(First: Episode 0514)
Cartoon Olga the lonesome robot
(First: Episode 1446)
SCENE 2 Luis can't find his hammer, cueing the arrival of Sherlock Hemlock. He observes the clues - a stray yellow feather, Radar has been left behind and a note reading "I borrowed your hammer - B.B." Luis believes Big Bird is the answer, but Sherlock has his own conclusion - the hammer was taken by Borrowing Bertha to make a bookcase and she also borrowed Radar for company. Sure enough, Sherlock's hunch is correct, as Bertha brings over the bookcase she made for Sherlock and asks them to return Radar to Big Bird for her.
Cartoon The Typewriter gets a check-up with help from an x-ray.
(First: Episode 0787)
Film Kids watch as construction workers paint a number 5 on the street using a stencil.
(First: Episode 0497)
Cartoon A woman orders five tall things.
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster gets MAD when it sees the word.
(First: Episode 1513)
Film Animals fight.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0567)
Cartoon Footprints move over to the tune of "Here Are Some Things".
(First: Episode 0505)
Muppets Ernie & Bert β€” Ernie and Bert explore an Egyptian pyramid. Bert is excited, but Ernie is afraid. They see statues that look like them. Bert decides to explore a tunnel while Ernie looks at the statues, and then the Ernie statue starts tapping and talking to Ernie. But when Ernie calls Bert back to the room, the statue doesn't move. Ernie is scared until the statue starts singing Rubber Duckie with him. Bert doesn't believe Ernie, until he says "Bye-bye, statue," and the statue replies "Bye-bye!" and laughs... just like Ernie.
(First: Episode 1621)
Animation Slide puzzle - elephant
(First: Episode 0389)
Cartoon A green man demonstrates dark and light.
(First: Episode 1129)
SCENE 3 Big Bird wants to fly kites in the park with Maria and the kids, but has already made plans with the Count to be counted. The Count promises to go quickly as he counts Big Bird, then his various body parts. Counting his feathers, however, proves to be a long task...
Cartoon W For Wilbur
(First: Episode 0366)
Celebrity Helen Reddy sings "Wonder Child."
(First: Episode 0774)
Cartoon Gloria talks about 'W'
(First: Episode 0806)
Muppets Ernie tries to find another cookie with a criss-cross of icing. He has trouble matching cookies, but Cookie Monster knows a better way to match them.
(First: Episode 0169)
Cartoon Five Swans
Artist: Owe Gustafson
(First: Episode 1460)
Dot Bridge 02 late.jpg
Cartoon Dot Bridge #2: Last dot is late and travels through the others
(First: Episode 0001)
SCENE 4 Big Bird rushes out with his kite, only to be told that Maria and the kids have already finished. Big Bird explains his situation, which the Count begins to re-enact. Big Bird splits before any more heavy counting is done.

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