Sesame Street
Olivia tries to take a cab
(repeat of 1478)
Air date January 26, 1983
Season Season 14 (1982-1983)
Written by John Glines
Sponsors J, X, 12

Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Mr. Hooper gives Olivia four dollars to take a cab so he doesn't have to carry a heavy crate, despite her claiming she only needs to go two blocks. She calls for a taxi anyhow and Oscar pulls up in the Sloppy Jalopy. Olivia really doesn't want a taxi now, but Oscar promises to bump off on the cost of the ride. He allows a cheaper and cheaper ride until the ride costs zero dollars at all. Olivia hops in, but the car stalls and falls apart. "You get what you pay for," says Oscar.
SCENE 1 cont'd Oscar and Olivia give his car another try.
SCENE 2 Maria plays a game with the kids, instructing them to take a number of giant steps and baby steps either forward or backward. Big Bird commandeers the game and tells the kids to take 791 steps forward, which will take them all to the park.
SCENE 3 Mr. Hooper practices his Spanish using a recording made by Maria. Big Bird passes by the store and overhears; he becomes shocked when he sees Maria is instead out in the yard reading. He goes back to confirm what he's heard. Mr. Hooper reveals it's only a tape recorder, not Maria. Big Bird goes to report back to Maria, but finds Olivia instead. Baffled by the experience, he goes to his nest to lie down.
SCENE 4 Bob turns in for the night, but is disturbed by various sounds, like a siren, his neighbor drumming and his clock ticking. Now with silence, Bob finds himself wide awake now. He decides to sit in his chair and read instead before drifting off. Maria announces the sponsors.

Known edits

Picture Segment Description
Cartoon Different uses of a triangle (Spanish version)

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