Sesame Street
Ladies' day at Oscar's pool
(repeat of 1501)
Air date February 14, 1983
Season Season 14 (1982-1983)
Sponsors Q, R, 9

Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Big Bird gets up early to make sure he's the first one up on Sesame Street. He looks out to see who gets up next by seeing whose apartment lights go on - Bob follows first, then Gordon and Susan, followed by Bert and Ernie, Maria and finally Oscar the Grouch. Big Bird starts feeling the affects of getting up too early and becomes the first one to go back to sleep.
SCENE 2 Olivia drops by the Fix-It Shop to take a photo of Maria and Luis. The two exit from the back room, covered in sawdust. Luis fixes himself up to look nice, but Olivia wants him to look like he always does when he's doing carpentry work. Luis undoes his appearance, while Maria now thinks she, as his partner, should look more presentable. She darts off into the back room and reemerges in a gown, earrings and a tiara. "Too much?," she asks.
SCENE 3 Gordon drops by Oscar's trash can to use his Olympic sized swimming pool, reminding the Grouch that he promised Gordon could use it "anytime." "You must have caught me in a weak moment," Oscar says. He details many poor conditions in the pool to keep Gordon out, including the unheated temperature, his man-tickling clam and a giant rock in the pool. Gordon accounts for all of these by wearing a full-body wetsuit for warmth, flippers to outswim the clam and a football helmet to prevent banging into the rock. Oscar drops one final issue - it's ladies only day for his pool. Gordon goes back home, while Susan, Olivia and Maria, all dressed as Gordon is, begin to pile into the can, to Oscar's chagrin.
SCENE 4 Maria, Luis, Gordon and Susan try to get to Hooper's Store, but the wind is so strong, they can barely advance through it. Not even Big Bird is able to help by pushing them forward in a line. Mr. Snuffleupagus happens by and, without the adults noticing him, helps push them all into Hooper's. He strolls off, commenting on what a lovely little breeze there is.
SCENE 5 The adults now are unable to get back to 123 Sesame Street, as the wind is blowing strongly in the other direction. Snuffy again helps push them without being seen.

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