Sesame Street
Oscar's "Near-Far-Follow the Arrows" game
Air date March 1, 1983
Season Season 14 (1982-1983)
Written by Jeff Moss
Sponsors A, Z, 10
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Picture Segment Description
Celebrity James Taylor sings "That Grouchy Face" to Oscar.
Animation The profile of a woman's head changes shape to the sounds of a Moog synthesizer.
Artist: Etienne Delessert
(First: Episode 0628)
Muppets Harvey Kneeslapper: Do Ya Have an A on Ya?
(First: Episode 0293)
Cartoon "The Story of A": A witch tells bored kids a story about the letter A involving an ant's apple getting stolen by an archer.
(First: Episode 0130)
Film A toymaker makes an airplane out of wood.
(First: Episode 0762)
Cast Bob and Maria struggle to wash some dishes, when (the very loud and booming) Captain Cooperation (Luis) shows them how cooperation will ease the process.
(First: Episode 1457)
Cartoon A story about an ape and a bird, using the letter A.
(First: Episode 0158)

SCENE 1 Oscar has an idea to ensure Telly leaves him alone for awhile. He introduces Telly to the "Near-Far-Follow the Arrows Game," in which Telly must follow a series of arrows until he is far from Oscar's trash can; the final arrow will lead to a sign marked with the word "FAR" to indicate he's gone as far as he can. Telly begins following the arrows down the block, past the Fix-It Shop.
Cartoon A red man tries to get apples from a tree by himself, while a yellow man builds a ladder.
(First: Episode 0779)
Muppets "Near Far Monsters"
(First: Episode 1521)
Song Joe Raposo sings "Kangaroo Blues."
(First: Episode 0277)
SCENE 2 Telly has reached the park, still following arrows. He finds a pay phone and calls Oscar to ask if he's far enough yet. Since he hasn't seen an sign with "FAR" on it, he keeps moving along.
Cartoon "That's About the Size of It"
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0279)
Muppets The Count sings "One Potato" while counting the items vendors are selling.
(First: Episode 1380)
Film The Mad Painter #10
(First: Episode 0328)
Pinball 10.jpg
Cartoon Pinball #10
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 0990)
SCENE 3 Telly trudges down a city block until he finally reaches the "FAR" sign. He begins to worry, as he now doesn't know where he is or how to get back home to Sesame Street. He finds a policewoman (Mary Catherine Wright), who is surprised at how far he's gone from home on his own. She offers him a ride back to Sesame Street in her car.
Cartoon A boy gets lost, and encounters a man with a yo-yo, who tells him to remember everything he passed.
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 0408)
Bath Precautions.JPG
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie brings an umbrella, a flashlight, and Bert's bowling ball to the bathtub, just in case the electricity goes out, the roof leaks, and somebody shows up asking to borrow a bowling ball. Bert thinks that Ernie is being ridiculous -- but everything happens, just as Ernie predicted.
(First: Episode 0269)
Cartoon What would happen if I popped this balloon?
(First: Episode 1312)
Herbert and Grover 2.jpg
Muppets Grover the Assistant: Herbert Birdsfoot arranges three blocks for Grover to count. No matter how the blocks are arranged, they still add up to three. Herbert asks Grover to count some oranges as well. Grover confesses that he's good at counting blocks -- but he doesn't know how to count oranges!
(First: Episode 0192)
Cartoon A little girl shows the building and apartment where she lives -- both with the number 6.
(First: Episode 0783)

SCENE 4 Oscar settles in for some peace and quiet, when the officer's police car pulls on to the street. She chides Oscar for nearly putting Telly in danger like that; Oscar claims this is something a Grouch would never do intentionally. He apologizes and the officer recommends Telly stay near his friend from now on. Telly gets up nice and close to Oscar.
Cartoon A father explains to his son why it is important to wear a seat belt when riding in a car.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 1446)
Film Sesame Street Animal Films: Sidewinder Snake
(First: Episode 0514)
Cartoon An ape escapes from the A train and heads over to a birthday party.
(First: Episode 0293)
Muppets "When it's your time to relax, make it Alphabet Time!"
(First: Episode 1447)
Gator pointing.jpg
Cartoon A for apricot, alligator, acrobat, accordion, artist, airplane.
(First: Episode 1586)
SCENE 5 Biff comes into Hooper's Store to order some sandwiches for himself, Sully, and some folks back at the factory. Biff gets the urge to turn this into a game of "Three of These Things." He's very impressed that Ailene can give two different answers as to which sandwich doesn't belong. He goes off to tell his coworkers about it, neglecting to take the sandwiches with him.
Muppets Ernie & Bert — Ernie tries to use a scale to divide the cherries evenly, but he characteristically eats them all. Bert screams and faints.
(First: Episode 1386)
Cartoon zip, zoom, zoom, zig, zag, zany, zoo.
(First: Episode 0359)
Film A panda tries to scratch an itch.
(First: Episode 0931)
Animation Sand Z/z
(First: Episode 0614)
SCENE 6 David has since wrapped and bagged all of Biff's sandwiches when he returns. Biff claims he was merely testing David's abilities and goes off, now forgetting his lunchbox behind. Oscar announces the sponsors.

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