Mother Goose Stories
Written by David Angus
Director Michael J. Kerrigan

Mother Hubbard discovers the cupboard is bare

Mother Goose tells her three goslings the story of Old Mother Hubbard.


Mother Hubbard was a very forgetful woman. She would foget the hat on her head, and sometime she would even forget the name of her daughter, Heather. Hher husband, the great detective Sherlock Hubbard, returns home one day from solving "the case of the stolen diamond." Although the bumbling detective took credit for solving the case, it was in fact Barkley, the family dog, who solved the case and found the diamond. To reward the sleuthing canine, Old Mother Hubbard goes to the cupboard, to fetch her poor dog a bone. But when she gets there, the cupboard is bare!

Sherlock quickly took the case of the missing bone and was determined to find it. He searches the house for clues and interrogates each member of the family, including himself. Meanwhile, Heather decides to track down the bone herself. She goes to the market to ask the butcher about the bone her mother had received. However, the butcher says that he didn't give Mother Hubbard a bone. Mother Hubbard had forgotten that she didn't get a bone. Heather and the butcher share a laugh, and the butcher kindly gives Heather a bone to take home to Barkley.

Heather returns home to tell her parents that she's solved the case. Barkely is thankful for the bone, which he promptly begins to bury in the garden.


Old Mother Hubbard, Heather Hubbard, Sherlock Hubbard, Barkley, Butcher


Video releases

Broadcast Episode #4
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