Sesame Street
Plot Timi works for WORM-TV 
repeat of 1672
Air date January 25, 1984
Season Season 15 (1983-1984)
Sponsors L, Z, 8

Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Telly assumes the letter Linda has received from Timi is bad news, until they read it together - Timi will be coming to Sesame Street for a television gig, performing sign language translations on air. They then see Timi in the Sloppy Jalopy with Oscar the Grouch, when it's revealed that she'll be working for him on WORM-TV.
SCENE 2 Linda helps Timi get ready to be on air by gussying her up to look more appealing for a Grouch audience.
SCENE 3 "The Oscar the Grouch Show" is almost ready for broadcast, when Timi rushes down. Oscar finds her new look very appealing and cancels the opening "Swamp Mushy Muddy" number for something else. As the show begins, Oscar tries to serenade Timi by singing "The Way You Look Tonight," but she's too focused on signing his every word to pay attention to his advances.
SCENE 4 Forgetful Jones asks Linda and Timi to teach him the sign for "forget." He manages to remember it, but immediately forgets what the sign means.
SCENE 5 Oscar begs Timi to come back tomorrow for another day of broadcast work. Timi doesn't want to, noting how unpleasant Oscar is to work with. Oscar shows her all the fan mail he's received after her appearance. Timi tells him the only way she'll come back is if he asks nicely. He can't bring himself to say "please," but manages to sign it. Timi agrees to return, when Oscar starts giving her notes on how to dress.

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Where triangle fit
Animation Where does the triangle fit?

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