Sesame Street
Plot Basketball practice 
repeat of 1683
Air date January 31, 1984
Season Season 15 (1983-1984)
Sponsors C, F, 12


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Maria asks a Honker about how they can express different feelings, since she's never quite sure how to interpret their honks. She paints a hypothetical situation that makes the Honker sad. The Honker makes itself happy again by honking some more, which always makes them happy.
SCENE 2 Gordon and Susan are heading out, when Gordon chides Susan for not being able to find the car keys. Susan thinks back to earlier and remembers that Gordon has the keys now, which he sheepishly confirms.
SCENE 3 Big Bird finds Gordon and teenager Donna outside his doors, where Donna is practicing for her school basketball tryouts. Big Bird wants to help, but Gordon confesses that he might just get int he way. Big Bird huffs about how this always happens and decides to just read a book on his own. Donna and Gordon observe that they need someone else around to simulate an opposing team member. They ask Big Bird if he can now get in her way, but he's too busy reading his book at the moment.
SCENE 4 Oscar wants to make use of the basketball hoop so he can practice for his own tryouts for the Grouch No Stars team. He tosses his deflated ball into the hoop and makes a perfect shot, only in Grouch basketball, one is supposed to miss. He keeps trying, even managing to send the ball bouncing all over before landing in the basket once more. Donna recommends closing his eyes, which ensures he misses the shot.
SCENE 5 Gordon and Donna return from the tryouts, where Donna has made the team. They hear the sounds of activity coming from Oscar's can as a basketball flies out. Oscar emerges to collect it and tells them he's also made the team, which is now in the middle of a game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Gordon and Donna don't believe this, until Julius "Dr. J" Erving comes out of the can to reclaim another stray ball.
SCENE 5 cont'd Maria and Susan find Gordon and Donna cheering into the can as the basketball game continues. The two can barely believe it until they get a look for themselves.

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Picture Segment Description
Muppets Ernie sings about "The Insects in Your Neighborhood."

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