Sesame Street
Dr. Price's library inventions
Air date April 16, 1984
Season Season 15 (1983-1984)
Written by Jeff Moss
Sponsors Q, Y, 10


Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Telly stands by something large covered by a cloth and asks where Olivia and Bob are going. In song, they tell him they're going to the "Library." Telly will also be going there and reveals the cloth is covering a large pile of books he needs to return.
Cartoon Two people think they hear a BARK in the DARK.
Artist: John Korty

Muppets Waiter Grover: Grover opens a menu and shows Mr. Johnson a large picture of the special sandwich, which comes with potato chips on the side, a pickle on the top, and olive stuck in with a toothpick. When the sandwich arrives, Mr. Johnson complains that it doesn't match the picture on the menu -- it doesn't have potato chips, a pickle or an olive.
(First: Episode 0332)
Cartoon A blue man (voiced by Casey Kasem) explains that “Q” starts the word “quarter.”
(First: Episode 0046)
Cast Maria is dressed for summer weather, while Linda is dressed for the snow. They switch clothes and scenarios.
(First: Episode 1819)
Animation It's a giraffe
Artist: Ishu Patel
(First: Episode 1752)
Film The sign CLOSED spins around.
(First: Episode 0955)
Film Things in a kitchen become CLOSED.
(First: Episode 1337)
Cartoon An alien comes across a pair of tree trunks; one with multi-colored leaves, the other without. He finds and grows leaves to mount on the other tree, then strings a hammock between the two.
(First: Episode 1451)
1902 Smartest Dog.jpg
Insert Big Bird trains Barkley to count to six by barking. He imagines Barkley as the smartest dog in the world, able to bark up to any number.
(First: Episode 1902)
Film Jack Rabbit
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0390)
Celebrity Maurice Hines dances fast, while Gregory Hines dances slow. Maurice is left wiped out.
(First: Episode 1363)
Animation Carrot subtraction (4-1)
(First: Episode 1537)
Muppets "One Banana"
Film The Mad Painter #10
(First: Episode 0328)
Cartoon Jazz #10
(First: Episode 0193)
SCENE 2 At the Sesame Street Library, Dr. Nobel Price works on a new invention to benefit the library. His creation is meant to save the place of your reading in case the book gets closed. Linda and Bob unveil his "page rememberer," which turns out to be a giant rock. He comes to agree with the others that it's too large and heavy, so he goes off to create a new invention.
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster shares a bathtub and help each other get clean. They are discouraged when they are finished and drain the tub, but find joy in drying.
(First: Episode 1449)
Cartoon The Typewriter: "Q", Quiet
(First: Episode 0768)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie notices that none of the lampposts are on, and the lights won't turn on. Bert says that there is a blackout, but has to repeat himself when Ernie suggests they watch TV, play a record, and listen to the radio. Ernie decides to call someone to see if anybody else knows about it. He calls Oscar the Grouch, who grouchily asks who's calling and threatens to "see to it that you don't sleep for a week." Ernie says "It's Bert" and hangs up.
(First: Episode 0652)
Cartoon Shorty reaches a water fountain with a stool.
(First: Episode 0954)
SCENE 3 Dr. Price's new version of the page rememberer is a large device that will not rest on the book. Instead, a pull out tube with a magnifying glass studies the page the book is open to. Then, when winded, it plays "Stars and Stripes Forever" as it loudly declares the page number, much to the annoyance of the other patrons.
Cartoon Q for Quiet
Artist: John Korty
(First: Episode 0441)
Film A kid marching band forms a triangle.
(First: Episode 0531)
Muppets The Count sings about "The First Day of School".
(First: Episode 1736)
Cartoon "Ten Turtles"
Artist: Bud Luckey
(First: Episode 0425)
Muppets Ernie has two bags of cookies, one of which has several cookies, and one that only has one cookie. Ernie asks Cookie Monster which he'd rather have, and Cookie Monster naturally chooses the bag with many cookies. However, Cookie is disappointed that his cookies are very small, while Ernie's one cookie is very big, so Ernie breaks his cookie into several small pieces.
(First: Episode 1359)
Film A boy and his dad build a bookshelf out of wood.
(First: Episode 1029)
SCENE 4 Dr. Price is ready to admit his attempts at a page rememberer have been unsuccessful, until he discovers the sign he made works perfectly. Linda suggests he rename it to a "bookmark," a name Dr. Price finds utterly ridiculous.
Cartoon A man explains to a girl what a surprise is.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 1358)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentGrover and Erik surprise each other.
(First: Episode 1689)
Film Kids identify broccoli through close-ups.
(First: Episode 0357)
Film Zookeepers talk about their jobs and the animals they cater to at the zoo.
(First: Episode 1641)
Cartoon A boy can yell and yodel, and his dog can yelp and yowl. They can both yawn.
(First: Episode 0353)
Ernie Lallaby Bert.JPG
Muppets Ernie & BertBert is having trouble getting to sleep. Ernie suggests singing a lullaby to him. He sings one to the tune of "Brahms' Lullaby" and Bert falls into a deep peaceful sleep. Ernie tells Bert to wake up now; it's Ernie's turn to go to sleep, so it's Bert's turn to sing a lullaby now.
(First: Episode 1331)
Cartoon Q -- that funny looking thing.
(First: Episode 0131)
SCENE 5 Business as usual resumes at the library as Dr. Price announces the sponsors.

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