Sesame Street
Big Bird at camp, part 5
(repeat of 1710)
Air date December 7, 1984
Season Season 16 (1984-1985)
Written by Joseph A. Bailey
Sponsors V, W, 5


Picture Segment Description


SCENE 1 Everyone begins packing up to go home. Big Bird feels sad that he’s leaving, but he's happy that he’s going back home to Sesame Street. Mickey tells him it's okay to be both sad and happy, and that it's natural. Then, Aunt May assembles everyone for the Cabin 10 Picture, which isn't easy to have taken.
Cartoon Two itchy gorillas agree to scratch each other's backs.
(First: Episode 1456)
Film Over (silent film)
(First: Episode 0517)
Muppets Biff asks Sully to recite the alphabet, but recites the whole thing without giving him a chance to speak.
(First: Episode 0873)
Cartoon Five Worms In An Apple
Owe Gustafson
(First: Episode 1502)
Film Kids watch as construction workers paint a number 5 on the street using a stencil.
(First: Episode 0497)
Cartoon A snake displays shapes, which are identified in Spanish.
(First: Episode 1584)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster reads the word "Pop" and blows up a balloon so they can pop it.
(First: Episode 1569)
SCENE 2 Big Bird convinces Rusty to come to the awards ceremony.

SCENE 2, cont'd Big Bird wins the swimming award, and Rusty wins the Good Sport award.
Cartoon Number count to 20 (w/ cameo appearance by Cookie Monster), followed by cast list at the end.
(First: Episode 0350)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie comes from finishing his bath, and tells Bert that there's something that he forgot. Bert asks if he's washed behind his ears, his neck, and his elbows. Finally, Ernie remembers that he forgot to turn off the water in the tub -- as the water level rises.
(First: Episode 0347)
Cartoon Splash (girl on beach)
(First: Episode 0996)
Film Olivia (in voice-over) identifies different vegetables.
(First: Episode 1612)
Cartoon A loud-voiced girl talks about her dog, Pete.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 1266)
Muppets An Anything Muppet boy and girl have a conversation using the letters of the alphabet.
(First: Episode 0273)
Cartoon A baby climbs up the stairs all by himself.
(First: Episode 1717)
SCENE 3 Aunt May delivers her final words to the Echo Rockers, who make the Echo Rock handshake one last time. Big Bird sings "Goodbye, Country" over a montage of his experiences at camp.
Train Ride with Little Girl.jpg
Cartoon A little girl connects lines to make a train track.
Muppets Five Anything Muppets sing the "Numerical Correspondence Song."
(First: Episode 0735)
Cartoon A dog chases a cat around, through, over, and under a doghouse.
(First: Episode 1020)
Topi Antelopes YES.jpg
Film Topi antelopes nod "yes."
Music by Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0411)
Muppets Old West: Clementine breaks the bad news to everyone: Bad Bart is coming to town to "give someone what they deserve"! She says he will come when the cow moos four times. They listen for it, and first hear a train toot four times, then a dog bark four times, and finally the cow. Bad Bart steps into the saloon, looks for the bartender, and reminds him that last week, he ordered sarsaparilla, but the bartender didn't have it, so he went to another town to get it, and kept him waiting. Bad Bart forgot to pay the bartender for it, so he gives the bartender what he deserves: some coins.
(First: Episode 1940)
Cartoon A dog answers "Yes" to every question.
(First: Episode 0783)
14 Karat Soul AT words.jpg
Celebrity 14 Karat Soul make AT words in song.
(First: Episode 1701)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Kermit interviews one of the Three Little Pigs, the one who built a straw house. The Big Bad Wolf comes to blow it down, but the house is actually strong.
(First: Episode 0551)
Cartoon Look both ways before you cross the street
Artist: Ray Favata
(First: Episode 1397)
Film Kids narrate a tortilla contest in English and Spanish.
(First: Episode 0456)
Animation It's a snail!
Artist: Ishu Patel
(First: Episode 1711)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie's doctor comes over. Ernie keeps trying to tell the doctor why he called him, but the doctor is too occupied with checking on Ernie, hardly allowing him to get a word in edgewise.
(First: Episode 0137)
Cartoon The Typewriter: V for Vacuum
(First: Episode 0774)
Film A baby messes around (literally) with a chocolate cookie, as Cookie Monster (in voice-over) wishes it were for him.
(First: Episode 0407)
SCENE 4 Back together again, Snuffy knows that the answer to Big Bird's question before he left is 'bus.'
Cartoon W For Wilbur
(First: Episode 0366)
Muppets Bert sings the club song for The National Association of W Lovers.
(First: Episode 0366)
Song Luis sings "Three of These Things" with three kids with umbrellas and one unlucky kid without one.
(First: Episode 0449)
Cartoon Gloria talks about 'W'
(First: Episode 0806)
Film A gibbon swings, and an audience cheers when the film ends.
Music: Joe Raposo
(First: Episode 0009)
Title 01 21 007 0001.jpg
Muppets Grover volunteers to assist the Amazing Mumford in his rhyming magic trick, making three things come out of his hat that rhyme with "knee". Grover guesses the first one (key), but doesn't get the last two (ski and tree) right.
(First: Episode 0455)
Cartoon V for volcano


SCENE 5 Big Bird talks to Snuffy about his days at Camp Echo Rock as Maria mentions the sponsors. The credit crawl follows featuring stills from Big Bird's week at camp.
Will Lee's credit as Mr. Hooper is edited out, due to the character's death in 1983.

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