The Furchester Hotel
Air date October 31, 2016
Writer Christine Ferraro
Director Richard Bradley
Releases Elmo's Wonderful World

The Furchesters prepare for a special surprise for Elmo, who is seen missing his friend Big Bird from back home on Sesame Street. Phoebe brings him to the lobby where the surprise arrives - it's Big Bird! Cookie Monster arranged for a visit and Harvey P. Dull's feather allergy kicks in. Funella and Phoebe are taken aback, unaware of how big Big Bird actually is.

They take Big Bird upstairs, where Furgus prepares the nest suite for him. Unfortunately, the nest is too small and there's no room to expand. Elmo doesn't declare this a catastrophe yet; he suggests Big Bird stay in his and Phoebe's room. Big Bird tries to squeeze into their bottom bunk, but is still too big for it.

They return to the lobby, where Big Bird is able to fall asleep in Mr. Dull's favorite chair. He gets woken up by the Tea Time Monsters, making it a bad place to sleep as well. Now it's a catastrophe! Big Bird wishes they had a room outside, where he's used to sleeping. Inspired by Mr. Dull's complaint about his feathery pillows, Elmo and Phoebe build him a feather pillow nest in the garden.



  • Big Bird is added into the "Catastrophe" song.

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