Fraggle Rock
Air Date January 9, 1984
Written by B.P. Nichol
Director Norman Campbell

Boober is tired of all the noise in Fraggle Rock, so he decides to move to the more peaceful Caves of Boredom, where he sets up his own personal community, "Boober Rock." The Caves of Boredom are nice and quiet, but the apparent serenity disguises a deadly threat - the bright purple flowers in the caves emit a gas that induces forgetfulness.

Meanwhile, Doc gets frustrated when Sprocket makes a mess of his drafting table and decides to split the room in two with a rope - one side for Doc and one for Sprocket.

Uncle Traveling Matt's latest postcard tells of how Silly Creatures use underground caves and tunnels to travel around Outer Space, just like Fraggles. Unlike Fraggle Rock, however, these caves and tunnels are boring. That is, until a giant transportation vehicle comes along and frightens Matt so much that he passes out.

Fraggle Facts

  • Fraggles never go to the distant Caves of Boredom. In fact, it's said that two Fraggles went there once and never returned. The plants in the cave emit a gas that makes Fraggles forget everything they've ever known, so if you're planning a trip there, make sure to write down everything you'll want to remember, and take the list with you. But make sure you don't forget how to read.
  • The effects of the gases from the Caves of Forgetfulness are counteracted by Boober's mixture of dirty laundry, a twig, rock soap and a bleach nut.
  • Wembley's name stands for "one who easily makes up his mind".


  • The Storyteller, performed in the first season by Richard Hunt, is performed from the second season on by Terry Angus. The Muppet performers pride themselves on consistently pairing characters and performers, and this is one of the very few times in the series' five-year history in which two puppeteers play the same character.
  • The Storyteller seems to suggest in this episode that she had a crush on Travelling Matt when she was younger.
  • "Remembering Song (Na-Na-Na)" has the same tune as "I'm a Little Stewpot" from the later episode "Boober Gorg."

Supporting cast


Video releases

International episode titles

  • UK: "Booberock"
  • France: "La Caverne de Boubeur" (The Cave of Boober)
  • Germany: "Boober-Felsen" (Boober Rock)
  • Netherlands: "De Bobbie grot"
  • Spain: "El rock de Bombo"

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