The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 1, 2016
Writer Molly Boylan
Director Simon Gibney

Furgus and Elmo build the Furchester's latest purchase - DotBot, a robot that will follow any command. Meanwhile, Funella and Phoebe check in Mr. Magnetic, a sentient magnet who lives up to his name. Furgus and Elmo introduce Harvey P. Dull to DotBot, who brings him some toast on request. Mr. Dull is pleased to see the service improving. Furgus returns to work and leaves DotBot in Elmo's care.

Elmo and DotBot head to the dining room, where Gonger is too busy to make any cookies for Cookie Monster. Elmo orders DotBot to make some and he complies. He suddenly begins to malfunction, eating the cookies and not responding to his shut-down command. He starts wreaking havoc in the lobby, when Elmo remembers he has an off switch on his back. They can't catch up to him as he escapes into the lift. Furgus produces a net to catch him, but the Tea Time Monsters barge through and ruin the plan.

They try to come up with a new solution when they see Mr. Magnetic getting tangled up with Ms. Spooner. Since DotBot is metallic, they think Mr. Magnetic can attract him and keep him in place. The plan works and they shut DotBot down, planning to send him back to the robot factory. Elmo and Phoebe are sad to see him go, when Elmo notices some wires have become disconnected in DotBot's circuitry. Furgus reconnects them and DotBot appears in fine, working condition, allowing him to stay.


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