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The Furchester Hotel
Air date November 2, 2016
Writer Steve Cannon
Director Simon Gibney

Mr and Mrs. Twotone, a pair of penguins, check into the hotel, where Funella reports their Sled Suite is all ready...except for a sled. They sneak into the dining room and remove Gonger's gong, which they think looks like a good substitute. Gonger tries to gong for Monster Tea Time, but cries in distress when he sees it's missing. They notice the Twotones sliding through the hotel and see that they have the gong.

They politely inform the penguins that they're using Gonger's property, but Funella convinces him to let them keep it for the time being; they want their guests to remain happy. Gonger complies, but needs to find a new gong. Cookie Monster empties a platter of cookies to use, but it doesn't make the same gong-like sound (but causes Cookie to vibrate heavily). Furgus probes the office for a gong and comes across a tiny one, which attracts tiny birds instead of monsters. He finds a giant one, which calls a dinosaur guest down for tea.

Harvey P. Dull comes down to complain, when he slips and slides through the lobby on a broken ironing board. Phoebe realizes it would make the perfect sled for the penguins and they exchange it for the gong, which Gonger uses to call the Tea Time Monsters. He then uses it to sled in the penguins' room.


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